have you seen these throws??


Just trying to track down a few of my older throws…if you have any info please pm me or follow me on instagram :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Beat up/Soda blasted Avalanche with CLYW sticker

“Party Peak” and OG Painted #12

just wondering if anyone on here has them or has seen them =)


What happened to them? Did you get them stolen? Or did you just trade/sell them a long time ago?


It sounds to me like he sold them and he wants to know what has happened to them over the years.


I sent you an email.


RIP Trevlor Peak.


when i saw the thread, i was going to be really sad if the trevlor peak was one of the throws he asked about lol


ya… =(

And yes, I am just seeing if anyone knows where they are. I sold them a while ago because of life haha