Throws to learn with...

Hey all! I was wondering what are good yo-yo’s to learn with, and why?

dark magic because it is responsive or unresponsive depending how much you tighten the gap

Dark Magic.

It doesn’t matter, really. Whatever you’re most comfortable with.


Kills the DM in every aspect.

Duncan Freehand:
-Cause its a Duncan, and everyone should learn with a duncan

as much as i agree the legacy is too unresponsive for some one that has never thrown a yoyo

Mine was perfect from the first throw. I think you possible lack the binding skills, it just takes practice.

I learned to throw on a Wide Sport so it really comes down to how much time you want to spend practicing throwing and binding before getting to tricks.

Superyo Renegade.

If you think you really got a trick down, try it on a gade, and you will think different.

And when you get that trick down on a gade, you got it for sure.


I learned with an old FAST 201… It accualy says it was made by Hasbro 2004… lol…

I dont reccomend it…

I did recently pick up a FreeHand 2 and I wish it would have been my first yoyo…

Then a Legacy… The play is so amazing… The second you learn to bind the legacy will take you all the way and beyond…

I find the most unstable, short sleeping, unsmooth yo-yo I can and try to do the trick on it. :slight_smile:

It works like a charm!

YYJ are cool legacy is great but you have to master the bind !

DM is cool and adjustable … and i think speeder , x-convict and hitman , minimotu are just as good ^^

choose it by watching the size off the yoyo : some a biger or heavier … be carefull ^^

i agree with Samad, my first yo was a legacy. dont get me wrong it does come unresponsive.
I loved the fact that it was unresponsive out of the box because it made me learn how to bind which helped me in the long run as there are so many tricks you can start to learn when you know how to bind.
you could thick lube it if you want it to be responsive.
and its a great price!!

I think a FAST 201 would be one of the best choices. You can tighten or loosen it depending on how good u are. Its a pretty decent beginner yoyo.

journey and kickside are very good yos.