Throws similar to the cascade


hey guys, I really really enjoy playing my cascade. to me, it has the perfect feel and specs, and the shape is perfect for my style.

the question is, can you guys please post some throws that are similar, or close to the cascade in shape and specs? it doest have to be exact, so anything would be fine. pics would definitely be a plus!

I’m looking to get a new throw here soon and wanted some of your guy’s input. thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


I’ve been trying to find throws similar to the wooly marmot 2 and the cascade is the only one that’s close at all.


My advice is, get something totally DIFFERENT. If you want something similar, why not just get a second Cascade? :wink:

That said: original Puffin has a similar kind of vibe to it if not the same specs. From the TINY amount that I played the Marmot 2, also similar but a touch lighter and smaller. Cool yoyo!


Turning Point leviathan series comes to mind


I appreciate your input Greg but the thing is, I already have throws that are different shapes, h,v, and organic. I just like the feel of how the cascade is shaped and just wanted some recommendations for something of similar shape like how others posted here.

don’t get me wrong, I love shapes like how the gambit and rally are, but was considering something else sorta like, but not exactly, like the cascade, since its the one and o my organic bell-shaped throw I have.

oh, and that is to everyone who has replied so far! thanks :slight_smile:


If you like that bell shape, I have a few ideas.

  1. X3 Lagoutte
  2. Duncan Exit 8 (no longer in production, but can be found on the BST often enough)
  3. H.O.T.
  4. TooH.O.T. by The TotalArtist, on Flickr by The TotalArtist, on Flickr by The TotalArtist, on Flickr by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

You’ll need to check the specs on those first though. Oh, here’s a Cascade for reference too: by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


Oh, good recommendation there… the Lagoutte is an INCREDIBLE yoyo.


I’ve heard that the OD T1 is just like a really big cascade


Sweet, thanks TA! those all look along the lines of what I was thinking! so ce you have all the ones you mentioned, how do you feel each play?

and does anyone have any play time with the od t1? thanks all!


Yes, I love my T1. It’s probably the widest yoyo I own, and it’s super smooth and very floaty. My cascade only came yesterday so I don’t have a good enough feel to compare yet. They do have a similar style to their shape, but at first throw they feel a bit different.


Here’s some side by side action between the Cascade (green) and the T1 (blue).


cool, that’s for the side by side reference basepi. those are some nice looking throws you have there! so how would you say the t1 feels in the hand compared to the cascade? does it feel more organic/bell-shaped, or more v-like??

also, if anyone else has any other recommendations, please keep them coming! :slight_smile:


Definitely organic. Once I got them side by side I was surprised by how close their profiles are. The T1 just has the ripples, which later the feel very little.

They’re about the same weight in the hand, which translates to a bit more float from the T1 and a little more speed from the Cascade (since it’s smaller). They’re both very stable.

I’m still an intermediate player, so I have a hard time quantifying how a yoyo feels, sorry I’m not more help.


Actually, you been lot of help basepi! Now I really am considering getting a t1. Well, it’s between that or the
Yyf too hot. Man, decisions decisions. Thanks again guys!


Oh, I didn’t realize they had more Too HOTs in stock. You’ll probably be happy either way. =)


I love Cascades also, while a tad different shape, the Puffin 2 has a similar feel. Little more stable.


The Puffin 2 is another great throw. And you’re right, it is similar, now that I think about it.


And yet the Puffin 1 is MORE similar. :wink: IMO


That’s good to know about the puffin. I’ve been checking them out on the bst and have been considering picking one up.


Seriously, though… Lagoutte.

This thread reminds me that I should get one.