Any Throws Mid Sized, Wide and FLoaty?

I got a Cascade about 1.5 months ago and I love it so far very fun throw I realized I really like the specs so I was wondering if there is anything out there that is similar; mid sized,wide and floaty. I know their is the Puffin but I currently cant afford something like that (even though it looks PERFECT for me) right now so I was looking for alternatives. Thanks.

I’d call the cascade full sized but… Probably a puffin. Nothing really feels a ton like the cascade which is a bummer.

The Cascade is actually smaller than the Puffin :wink:

Never mind guys don’t need help I’m going to get a Bonfire when they come out…

That’s what everyone said about the Yeti

“Yeah, I’m gonna get one when they come out!”

No need to wait for a Bonfire when you can get a Puffin now!

How wide do you want?
Quake might just rock your socks.

I don’t understand why more people don’t know about it but the X La Goutte. It’s like the Cascade in some respects, only slightly less clunky, and in my book way more fun to play, although it is considered to sacrifice a tiny bit of spin time as it’s less hefty. It’s an absolute treat to throw around!

Asks for a mid sized, wide floaty YoYo… Says forget it because he’s going to buy something that no one knows the specs of and could be the complete opposite of what he wants…makes complete sense.

That hype, man.

Dat hype, kid.

When I saw the title I was about to go in and say you just described the cascade perfectly and then I read you have a cascade xD

I don’t really have anything else for ya but the Cascade is a beast. Get some ULs and it is AMAZING.

Your point is? For me the Shape looks perfect for me wide catch zone, angular rounded rims.I’m sure you’ve seen a throw and thought it looked perfect.

I also plan on picking up a Quake and a Format:C :slight_smile: I LOVE the shape of both. I love mid sized and oversized floaty/nimble yoyos and full sized solid yoyos so yeah.

Also want a Puffin but I would have to put off my Rally and Yeti, and if I were to replace one of the other throws that seem like they will sell quick I wouldn’t be able to get those. So looks like the Puffin will have to wait :confused:

what if it’s actually 58mm in diameter?

Just saying even though I doubt it’ll be in that range
Also if you’re just waiting you might want to wait for the gnarwhal 2 if it’s specs are anywhere in the diameter range of the original

Totally remembered the pyro 3 just now
Give that throw a look

Mid Sized and Folaty, the first thing that came to mind was the Duncan Raptor…

I’d get a Puffin, but only if you can regen well.

YOUR BACK :slight_smile: Yes I love regens and was so so close to getting a Puffin yesterday but the guy wanted just a little to much.