Yoyos With a Diameter of 53 (Cascade)


I have a cascade with this diameter, and it seems to be a great size for me. The problem is I cant find any other yoyos with this size.


The sOMEThING Angle, X3 Aware, SPYY Punchline Repeater and C3 Di Base would be about that size range.




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La Goutte by Xcubed…just trust me


I’m too lazy to go sort my database via diameter. But, have you considered it may be the width, shape and weight distribution as well?

Yes, I’m trying to confuse the issue.

Scanning my database real fast, there’s plenty in that size range, so no worries finding other stuff. Just be patient while people shout out suggestions. I’d go ahead and investigate most of the items mentioned. On the lower end of the budget, the Magic YoYo N9 and N10 are 53mm in diameter.


Second. If you like the shape of the cascade, the x3 la goutte is a good bet. Though it will feel larger than the cascade.
Or at least that’s my perception when throwing the two back to back.

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The La Goutte actually looks alot like the Cascade.

Weird… :wink:

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Trust me it probably plays completely different. The la Goutte is really smooth and light feeling. However its weight allows it to play fast but it has enough spin time to handle anything. The shape is comfortable and the colors really pop! I love my two La Gouttes. If i were you I would get one, you wont regret it. The cascade from what i hear feels heavy but besides a similar shape they are very much different.


http://imageshack.us/a/img580/6658/021kg.jpgI’m just saying, it is a little bit creepy. In no way am I saying they ripped off each other. I just think it’s funny.

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too bad the La goutte came out before the Cascade…Similar shapes (not exactly the same, the casades shape is a bit more round and beefy) but they play completely different


For now, I am out of money, but I’ll keep an eye on it.


They are completely different.

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Both those YoYos play completely different because they truly are. Other then the similarity in those picks they share nothing else in common.

Way different cups and weight distribution.
The la goutte is almost 54mm in diameter and 43mm width which is 11mm squared
The cascade is 53mm in diameter and 45mm width which is 8mm squared
That makes the cascade more wider and beefy but the la goutte in general is a bigger yoyo.
We all know how much 1mm can make up for in size and shape.
Different gap widths.
The finish on the cascade is better for finger grinds
Even tho both can thumb grind it is easier on the la goutte
These 2 yoyos are worlds apart.
But both equally fun. ;D


I just saw that the CLYW Puffin is supposed to be about 2.1 inches, which translates to 53.3 mm.

Correct me if I am wrong.


Plus the inside of the cup is completely different.
And SE’s vs non
The response types are also very different.

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Yes. 53.34

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Yea thats what i meant by different cups was inside. The SE and response i figured was a given. But thanks for making more clear for me. We on the same page.

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General Yo Essence is 53. That thing is a beautiful yoyo to play. One of my all time favorites.


Yoyos in the 53mm range:
(cascade would be here)
Leviathan 1-3 (2 would be here to be exact)
Galactic Goose
Dragon Rouge
hop king


I think some places you can just sort the list of yo-yos by diameter. just find the cascade on the list and all the other yo-yos near it will have similar diameters.