Mid Sized Throws?


Any recommendation on something not quite undersized but not quite fullsized?


G2 Quake is amazing, OD Cascade, CLYW Puffin, YYO Imp, 3YO3 Omnicron X, OD Yelets, OD Dietz (on the smaller side), CLYW BvM, Recrev Sine/Saw (on the bigger side)
I’m sure there are more, and most of these are newer throws, but that’s all I’ve got for right now…


The Werrd Minute literature calls it “undersized” but it is definitely more on the mid-sized vibe. And not expensive!

The Dietz is a truly undersized throw; don’t know the stats on the rest of the above suggestions offhand, though.


Some of my favorites in the 53mm range:
Pyro 3
Puffin 2

At 55 there’s the yoyomonster checkmate and deadly spins wrath which I really like as well.

Something Angle is 52mm but is also amazing.

Yoyorecreation currently has a 51mm 2017 aluminum prototype that might be worth checking out as well.