Midsized yoyo recommendation


I’m looking for a new throw and I really want to try something midsized. I own protostars, a northstar, Dietz, 2.0, etc… And I prefer undersized throws but I’d really like something in the 52-53mm range. Preferably butterfly or modified butterfly shape but I’m open to suggestions. My favorites right now are my Dietz and 2.0 which are on the lighter side so I wouldn’t mind trying something with a little more weight just to experience new throws. Any help is greatly appreciated!


BvM - Midsized and heavier weight. Pure beast.


I’ve tried the BvM and I loved it. Theonly reason I guess I haven’t picked one up yet is I’m not crazy about splashes and I’d rather have something more simple. I’ve heard the eetsit is great as well and I’m waiting to try one. Any other midsized throws anyone can suggest?


888 is midsize with the more natural butterfly shape,

but i feel something like the g funk would perform better and cut your bill almost in half… and if your not interested in that shape, then the nova more represents your protostars shape

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I would recommend the Dv888 or Hitman Pro both are midsized and great players if you are looking for weight and modified butterfly shape i would try the genesis


I LOVE this size of yoyo. My 2 favorites are the CLYW Gnarwhal and the ILYY Void. Gnarwhal if you want something lighter, Void if you want to go a little heavier.


I’ve narrowed it down to the BVM and recrev 33 1/3 because both fall into the 52-53mm size and similar to butterfly shape. Although I’m not crazy about the color options on both. Thoughts on both? Still open to suggestions!


cough BvM cough cough