The best organic midsize?


In your opinion, what’s the best organic shaped, midsize throw, with emphasis on stability?


Puffin 2!

Its got all those things :smiley:


Best I’ve played would be the SPYY Addiction.



I like the Yoyofficer Crayon

(Erik Kerber ) #5

I like the Wooly marmot 2 its a tiny bit smaller but it feels so nice.




Cascade is where it’s at.


I’ll second the Cascade.


I’ve only had my Cascade since yesterday, but I’m loving it. It’s plenty stable.


Yep, Cascade is pretty much awesome sauce. Change the side effects and you can change how it plays. Ultralights are my favorite.


Cascade or 54

(Erik Kerber ) #12

^Yea I love my Cascade aswell. But I also Reaally like The Marmot to like I said earlier its kinda a toss u for me.


Thanks everyone. I’ll probably go with the Cascade. The hairband color way is awesome. I wish it was in stock. Do sold out colors ever come back in stock? (I’m new). Also, does OD still sell the Dietz? I’ve read good things about it.


I also agree with the cascade. it is my go to throw and is incredibly stable and feels great in the hand. the pyramatte finish also feels nice and smooth and is great for grinds if your into that. you definitely can’t go wrong with the cascade with a od10ball. its just the perfect combo! :slight_smile:

and as far as the colors that are out of stock, I’ve noticed that after some time, they do eventually come back in stock, but I’m some limited amounts. I would email yye and ask if they plan on ordering anymore here anytime soon.

keep us updated with what you end up getting and post pics, as well as what you think of it!