Throwmonkey problem


I am using a Duncan Throwmonkey to practice some 5A. I have cleaned the bearing and removed one friction sticker, but now I have problems with binding. I manage to use binds to get the yo-yo to return to the hand, but when I trow it again it feels like the string is slipping and it does not get the spin it should. What should I do?
Should I add a friction sticker again or change to a thicker string (the string it came with was quite thin). I do not seem to have this problem with my other yo-yos.


the same thing happened to my meteor until i used a thicker string

get some silicone stickers and put 2 on there

Or… you know the plastic covering that covers a cell phone or other electronics? It’s this thin, clear, plastic that sticks only to smooth surfaces???

Use that. Make a friction sticker out of it. Put double sided tape on a square of it, and then cut it to the size of a friction sticker, that way the string won’t slip against the side of the yoyo, but it won’t grip an additional friction sticker.

Tell me if that was confusing…