Throwing Question


I was wondering, I see a lot of Yoyo players throwing their yoyo and catching it halfway on the string in the other hand, I’m not sure what it’s called. I see Andre doing it on his tutorial videos on Split the Atom, Atomic Bomb and Mach 5.

Is there a video on how to do it? Or is it just catching the string on your other hand?

Thank you!


Sounds like a split bottom mount. Assuming you’re right handed you’ll throw the yoyo over your left hand and bring that hand up. Then do a bottom mount on the index finger of your throw hand. Curl your middle finger of the throw hand in so you don’t catch both strings. Then bring your throw hand up and your non-throw hand down. You’ll now be in the proper position for those 3 tricks.


It’s the part as you mentioned where you throw the yoyo over the left hand.

Like how it’s shown in the attached picture.


I think what TripleOne is referring to is not the split bottom mount… but rather the practice of catching the string with the non-throw hand.

My take is that this is a quick-easy. way to stabilize the string and yoyo. (similar to intersecting the trapeze close to the yoyo to maximize control)  Catching the string half-way down with the non-throw hand provides control you would not have otherwise.

In the case of a front-throw it allows for an easy transition into either the split-bottom mount or a bind.

In the images below you see these guys doing (basically) the same thing as they prepare to do a horizontal grind.

I started catching my string this way and (I believe) my transition from my throw into tricks and binds was more quick and crisp. @ 0:24 @ 1:55


I have started catching the string on my other hand too. This way I don’t have to hold my throw hand high in the air when I throw the yoyo (I use a long string). It just keeps me in control of the yoyo a little more. I don’t think it is a trick with a name, just a modification to how you throw.


The split bottom mount is used on Split the Atom, Atom Smasher and Mach 5. I hope this helps. I have few different angles on Split the Atom and Mach 5 videos.