Throwhand Finger

does playing excessive yoyo “Deform” the finger? bcause my throwhand finger is kinda brown, it was red and turned brown after a few hours?¿ and is kinda thick skinned. Does the string compress it or something? cause im kinda scared of having some kind of finger deformation for the rest of my life(Exaggerated XD)

Yes-eventually, your throwhand middle finger will develop a callous, and thats where the string will normally go. That is perfectly normal-I have one too, and so does almost every other yoyo player that has been throwing for a while :slight_smile:

Have Fun Throwing,

yeah you will for sure get a callous, it is a ring of thicker skin that is decolored where the string sits, but it what every yoyoer has
if you play the guitar you know what im talking about

Huh…I thought your finger would just turn black and fall off…

I have a callous. ???

Ya I play guitar, I have callouses on all of my left hand fingers(exept the thumb) and I have one from my string too.

When I first started to yoyo(many years ago) I liked it so much that I yoyoed until my finger would start to bleed, then I would put a bandaid on, and keep yoyoing.

so its not harmful or anything right? Just thick skin? Thanks btw :slight_smile:

No, it’s nothing to be worried about. Your throwhand finger will always be calloused if you continue yoyoing and your other fingers may suffer string burn from time to time. If it’s bothering you, you can get one of those special nylon yoyoing gloves on yoyonation. I personally don’t have one because I prefer letting my hands get roughed up from practicing! Have fun

okay, ill go get those gloves :slight_smile: