Throw Straight!!


I am getting the motion for boing e boing down, but my yoyo bounces out of the string because it keeps twisting… Any tips on being able to throw straight every time?


Don’t do it man! The insanity that learning that trick will cause isn’t worth it!..

Kidding. As far as I know there isn’t an answer to your question other than “practice, practice, practice” You’ll get a bunch of tips in response to this (as have the other 5000 people who have posted this same question), but the bottom line is you need to just keep trying until you get to the point where everything stays straight, your bottom hand doesn’t move, and you find the rhythym.

Ha thanks man

This trick is driving me nuts… I have gone way past it(skipped it) and now I am revisiting it because I want to feel complete!!!


that is one of those tricks that one day you are going to try and just hit the string perfectly and from that point on it will give you much less trouble. just keep practicing and it will happen much like most tricks.

This is exactly what happened to me. As for throwing straight, just practice throwing. Before i got into epic hardcore tricks, i just threw a yoyo for a few months. tricks can be learned, but form has to be practiced and perfected forever.

It took me around 5 and a half months to learn boingy boing. Soooo long.

Practice, practice, practice.

yea boing e boing is one of those “practice” tricks, its sort of a pain but overall its a trick worth learning, a few tips i can give that helped me learned this trick real fast, is that after you get into a split bottom mount, you can do an extra flip around the mount or do an atomic bomb one time so theres an extra wrap around the throwhand finger, another tip is that once you get into the split bottom mount, you get ready to do the boing e boing, but before you start bouncing your finger, you make sure that the strings are perfectly alligned (one thing that helped me as that the strings be in that groove line on your pointer finger, confusing right?) and then start the bouncing motion, to sum things,up just take it real slowly and practice and youll get it in no time hop this helped and if you need anything cleared up just lmk

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ok i’ll try it