Boingy-Boing Help!

Everytime i do it, i can only get a few bounces out of it. It seems it always tilits and I cant keep it straght. I usally do a few bounces and go into something else. I see most everyone can do it till the yoyo dies.
Any pointers?

I cant really help cuz i hav the same problem i can just say tons of people hav this problem

Andre in the video just makes it look so effortless.
I find I can do it better with a barrel roll or two.

yeah me too. but it’s okay to do a couple of barrel roll when you do it

It sounds like your throw maybe the case. If you have a straight throw and you are keeping the strings vertically straight for the most part, like you said, you should be able to keep on going till your yoyo dies. Working on a straight throw might be key.

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Boingy is one of those tricks that is really easy for some people and really difficult for others (I’m in the ladder group). Either way, practice is always key.

I’ve been past the master section for a long time, and up until a few months ago, I had the hardest time with boingy. Finally, i decided to dedicate a whiole day to getting it down and i can do it pretty well now. <\anecdote>

With boingy, its all about rhythm and fluency. Focus on the timing with your hands up and down motion, and dont make the motion to extreme at first. get a feel for it, and if it gives you too much trouble, come back to it in a month or two and see if its any easier. Most of the time (at least for me) it is. :slight_smile:


I think it’s just a practice thing. Once you get the motion down and you can do it it’s all about being fluid after that and controlling it. I can do it about a dozen times and then it goes sour. I think it’s just controlling the motion and timing.

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When I was starting yoyoing, I tried and tried again to do boing-e-boing and I threw my PGM so many times. But then one day, it happened, and I couldn’t stop doing it. Just keep trying and after about two weeks you will get it

you might want to use a yoyo with a lot of rim weight, that should keep it a little straighter. Also doing the bounces slower will help so the yoyo doesnt go out of control. Do a couple rolls to make the distance that the yoyo has to travel a little less. I hope these tips helped

make sure ur hands r completely parallel from each other and that ur non throw hand its moving around it is still.