Boing E Boing Troubles

Now im sure everyone has this problem with boing e boing, but how do you keep it going forever, like Andre? i can do it but only for about 3 secs. Got any tips that helped you?

well you can do some barrel rolls to make it smaller and easier to bounce and the motion of your throw hand try try to make it up and down motion and keep on going up and down with your throw hand

Yeah that’s pretty much all there is to it, try the barrel rolls see if that helps, but most of it comes down to practice (its frustrating to hear i know, but its amazing what practice does :slight_smile: )

Does it lose spin and die or does it just get away from the strings? Either way, my advice is to practice. Practice your throw, practice your Boingy’s.

get a good throw. make sure the string s are lined up so it won’t go against the sides. try some barrel rolls like others said to make the string shorter. get a good rythm and keep the rythm and you’ll be set

Sorry to hijack, but mine always seems to start bouncing at an angle, no matter how straight I keep my hands lined up… that is, when I actually get it to bounce :-\

If it’s bouncing at an angle, turn your whole body (with the string formation) so that that problem is fixed and the yoyo is going in line with the strings. Do this while you have it bouncing as an on-the-fly adjust.

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just takes practice took me awile to get it

I know you probably her this a lot, but you just really gotta keep it straight and get the up, down, up, down motion right. Once you learn that, then you will get it down real good in no time! ;D

i took years to learn boings. seriously, YEARS. some people get it in 10 seconds, and some people just cannot get the motion right to save their lives. i tried EVERY trick offered by every one of my yo-yo friends (some of whom have the best boings on the planet), and NOTHING… until…

jack ringca told me to ONLY use my index finger. like a trigger. isolating the motion in one finger (and doing it that way for like a week) makes it easier, and you can apply the motion to your whole hand/forearm when you get used to it. always remember it’s up and down, NOT front and back. if you try the ‘trigger’ method, it’s actually easier NOT to do any barrel rolls before starting.

also, if you don’t have amazing eli hops or boomerangs (like good enough to do the quarter trick to your friends), building those skills up makes it way easier to do great boings, because the way you keep the tension in the string is essentially the same. good luck bro; i can all but guarantee you’ll have an easier road than i did. :wink:

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