Throw of the week??

In an effort to focus on skill and improvement more than the actual throw im using at that moment I’m going to challenge myself to use one throw for the whole week before reaching for a different throw. I’m hoping the throw consistency for the week will help trick consistency and speed in the long run. So:

A-who’s down to try it with me?
B-what’s your throw for the week?

My throw for the week is a silver/Black fade navigator.

i’m in. i’ll throw a prime8 for the next 7 days. lets do this

Throw of the week. Gray SK

Prime8 7075 cosmic fingerprint for me this week

So far this week i have only thrown my work yoyo, as might as well declare it my throw of the week. Duncan Windrunner. Plays great for being so cheap

Can’t share photos on the app. One of the rarest most badass throws I have that I never use. Sengoku Masamune.

I do this anyway on my own…so count me in!
My throw for the week is MFD Gelada 2.1

Week 2 : my throw for this second week is a Recess Joyride!

Sorry for the delay -
Week 4: OD Top Deck in some sort of cool splash that I can’t post a photo of

Week 5: Throw of the week is the MFD pixelape

Week 6: 2sick blitz. This just came and I’m liking it so much that it may be my first 2 week throw!

Weeks 3&4&5 where all spent throwing my new OD SK & SF x BFF…
rotated them daily…all 3 weeks!

Easily one of the best yo-yos I have ever thrown: the SoSerious Chronos.

I always loved the Zeus yoyo. But it was just missing ‘something’? I have 4 of them. So I guess it wasn’t/isn’t missing too much of something; lol.

But Garrett mentioned the Chronos in a conversation one day. When I found about the guys that designed it; I knew it had to be a Beast.

When it came in the mail; the moment I took it out of the box; I was not exactly happy. I have never been fond of yo-yos that have an ‘Edgy feel’. The rings on the Chronos were outside my comfort range.
They aren’t sharp… but the should have been rounded a little more.

Fortunately; having commercial lathes in my shop is a good way to avoid getting upset about something I can make more ergonomic.

As soon as I start throwing it; the outer edges were the only thing I didn’t care for.

The Chronos is easily my throw of the week.

It is amazing.:clap:t3:

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Nice doc! I’ve never even heard of that before. And yea rock - it’s hard for me to not use the SK every week, it’s a beast!

Sweetness right here

I have been curious about the Chronos, but hadn’t seen anything about how it actually plays. Thanks for sharing that.

Did you actually end up modifying the outer edge?

I really like throwing different yoyos, so I wasn’t sure about doing this. Plus I like responsive too, so I’m always at least throwing 2 different yoyos.

However, I have ended up doing it by default for both the last couple of weeks with the 2Sick Fiancetto, and OD Deep State.

Well; I am definitely not at a performance level to give an, ‘I read it in the Bible’ review. But in the last 20 years; I have developed a reasonably good touch at distinguishing whether a yoyo is a player or a paperweight.

The Chronos plays(for me)as well or better than any yoyo I have or have ever had. When the Zeus came out; a few years back; I liked it so much; I ended up with 4 of them.

The Chronos is even better.

And I did end up shaving the edges down a little.

The stock edges may not even bother most folks. But they sure bothered me. I am really into ergonomics. With the Masterminds that got together and designed the Chronos; I have absolutely no idea how they failed to identify the outer edges being sharper than they needed to be?

Here is an easy test for perspective. Put a yoyo in your hand. Squeeze it with some pretty good pressure for about 15 seconds. Kinda like you are squeezing a hand gripper. Then let go of the yoyo and look at the palm of your hand in ‘good light’. Primarily; you will see only one of two types of indentations in your hand. Either dents or defined lines.

Yo-yos; regardless of most shape designs; will only leave defined lines if the outer edges are sharpe. If the outer edges are not very sharp; you will just see dents. But only an edge will leave a line.

… No yoyo made; needs sharp edges to facilitate any increase in performance potential.

Trust me…

When in doubt; round it out.

The worst example I have ever seen; was back many years ago. Dave Bazan made a batch of yoyos called the DV8. Black plastic body and aluminum weight rings. The rings were cut from aluminum tubing. They were just cut off on a lathe with a parting tool. NO effort(period) was made to round the outer edges whatsoever. The edges were actually sharp enough to scrape paint off the side of a house. Closest thing to a concealed weapon I have ever seen.

Fortunately that yoyo was just a one batch thing. And even though the Red Cross could have used them to inspire a Blood Drive; the yoyo actually was pretty fun for those brave enough or dumb enough to throw one around. I remember JD smacked himself right in the eyebrow with a DV8 and he did a bloody good job; hahahaha.

Anyway; the Chronos edges are not at all lethal. They just need to be a little less edgy.