Throw is straight but sleeper is weak

I throw my Dm hard and straight for the most part,and not once can i get my yoyo to sleep longer than 45 seconds.
I have poly String with a regular bearing.My Lube is some rem gun oil. I dont put it on daily,but maybe once every 4 days ,depends.

Now i had this same prob with a lynn fury. I will upload a vid to show my throw and the outcome of it. I jus want you guys to tell me what it might be bfore the video other than a throw problem ,or not trhowing it hard enough.

Now its a new yoyo about 2 weeks.

It’s still your throw :slight_smile: If it happens on multiple yo-yos, it’s not a yo-yo problem…

Perfectly straight and reasonably hard and it doesn’t matter past that…

How long it spins on the end of the string means absolutely nothing… all that matters is that you are able to complete your tricks. More practice = more spin time.

Jack Ringca (head demo guy for Duncan) throws like a 5-year old girl… but it’s straight and perfect, and his play is smooth, so it just doesn’t matter.


Also lube reduces your spin time. You just need to add lube once every 1-2 months or so. I play my bearings dry though.