Three questions

  1. Is it safe to use hot glue instead of flowable sili in the O-ring groove of my YYJ Dark Magic?


  1. Any good thread combinations I should try for my handmade yoyo string, and maybe how you make yoyo string (presuming you do of course)?

Almost there,

  1. Would a Ceramic KK bearing be better than a Center-trac bearing?

Iv’e used hot glue with okay results, not the best though…

poly should be fine. or poly/nylon. or poly/cotton

center trak / konkave bearings dont make yoyos play better, ceramic or not.

would hot glue make it less responsive than the stock rubber o-ring though?

No hot glue would work almost equally it just depends on quality but id go with silicone, the dark magics a great yoyo and i woulden’t take too many chances with it unless it’s not your main yoyo

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I’ll probably just wait till next week to get some flowable silicone, not that it will matter after next week, I’m getting a YYF Genesis ;D

k then i guess you could mess with it but still id do what you r doing now (p.s the Genesis is awsome)
I dont know too much about string but i feel that ceramic kk berings just cost more then a reg. (though there might be some cause for its price) but center track is a cheaper option.

Center track and KK keep the string from hitting the response while the yoyo is sleeping. If you have a good throw then your fine and it already does that, if not then you can use it like training wheels until you have a better throw. IMO KK is a waste of money and I wouldn’t need a center track so it’s up to you.

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Yah, i wouldn’t risk damaging your DM with hot glue, stick with the o-ring (it works great with me!), Hands down, KonKave bearing. I think this b/c the center track has a large flat area of space in the center, this could mean that the string will still hit the sides. The Konkave has a curve in it the whole way, this ensures that the string WILL NOT hit the sides. (I’ve tried both the CT and the KK, so i know each of their performances) Good Luck! :slight_smile:

There really the same, because the flat part doesn’t matter at all. Straight flat regular bearings are just as good (better IMO) as KK and Center Trac. With a good throw your string will stay ing the center and away from the sides.