KK bearing difference?

So, does a KK bearing make a HUGE difference when on a Dark Magic?

Not really, it just mostly keeps the string centered and away from the sides of the yoyo to reduce friction.

However, some people will argue with that. A lot of people say YYJ’s play much better in general with konkave bearings.

Yeah I agree with Samad. It really depend’s on the quality of your throw. KK’s are made to keep the string in the center of the gap. If you have a good throw, and maintain good string alignment throughout your tricks, then the benefits of KK’s are negated. But if your throw is off a bit, or your string alignment veer’s off course, then yes, KK’s help tremendously.

all depends on skill level, and your throw, the strings being centered can get tricky, i have a kk in my hitman, and not in my dm, and i can pull some stuff easier with the dm, and some stuff easier with the hitman, if that helps any…

I personally think that it gives the yo-yo an overall smoother feel on the string. It doesn’t necessarily make any tricks easier but it does definitely make an improvement overall. Whether the upgrade is worth $15 or so is really up to you.

I tried the DM without a KK, and found it pretty good. That being said, a KK will always keep the string away from the sides of the yo-yo better than a flat bearing. This means you will get less friction, and it will spin longer. This is very helpful especially when you’re first starting.

For $15, I’d totally recommend the KK, especially for beginners.

I just got my first Ceramic KK, and I’m floored by how long it spins. It’s $30, and the upgrade is worth it if you’re looking to beat your friends in sleeping contests :wink: I’m not sure about the rest of the play though. I think my tricks are sloppy and the string touches the sides and kills the yo-yo before the Ceramic KK’s super spin dies by my own hand.

to my understanding the ceramics dont have that big of a diff. for double the money… but i might still try one, i was thinking about getting a full ceramic… maybe

Hey thanks guys! ;D you all helped me make my decision of getting one. But since I’m too young to make much money, I think I’ll just stick with stock and improve my throw.

Maybe that’s true, and maybe I got the best ceramic KK out there… but it way out spins the 3 stainless steel KKs I already have, and way wayyy outspins the stock bearings. Even after a fresh clean and fresh lube.

Based on my biased non-scientifically significant sample, I’d have to side with the ‘Ceramic is awesome’ crowd… But it could just be a fluke =)