are kk bearings worth it

im thinking of getting a kk bearing and i dont know if i should please help

The poll makes no since so I will not post in that. :-\

In my opinion yes they are worth every cent.
Others will tell you that you should get the cheapest bearing you can find and be happy. 8)

It is all opinion but from what I’ve seen if you want a quality bearing you will pay for it.

it is just the way it is. :wink:

and one more time for all the world to hear… THIS IS MY OPINION.

The poll makes perfect sense but is unneeded. I can’t stand kk bearings. Flat only for me.

why only flat?

KK’s are nice. I tried one for the first time a week ago and they didn’t actually bunch up the string a lot. Unless you have like 5 layers of string, they work really well. I actually really like them now.

All in all, KK bearings are just a gimmick. You pay 5 or so more for something that you don’t need. KKs are just an un-needed training wheel.

Some people are too critical of KK bearings. I wouldn’t call it a gimmick since it does exactly what it’s supposed to do (keep the string centered) without losing any real functionality as a bearing. Unless I put many many layers of string in the gap, I’ve never found ‘bunching up’ to be a problem.

With that said, they are completely unnecessary. I would encourage you to learn to keep the string centered on your own; you don’t want to feel handicapped when you use a yoyo with a flat bearing.

Personally, I only use flat bearings on my main throw, but I have no problem putting KKs or Center-Traks on many of my other yoyos in order to tweak it’s play just to my liking.


I agree with this

Then click the “thank you” button!

I have a few yoyos w/them. I like the way they play. Most of my yoyos don’t have them. Are they worth the extra$$? That’s opinion, and I don’t regret buying them.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They are so over-rated. Use the stock bearing, or upgrade to a Onedrop 10 ball. KKs cant take the string in the gap a flat bearing can take. Just my opinion though.

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so it comes down to:

Are they worth it?: opinion :-\

Are they necessary?: no 8)

I truthfully like my dif -e yo kks because of the quality of the bearing itself not the string centering.

we could argue over the price of the bearing etc. But I think this is what he wanted.

good luck yoyoman1234 with whatever you choose

czyoyo :wink:


stock bearings will be perfectly adequate. the only bearings I consider an upgrade are terrapin bearings, and one drop 10 balls.

My stock pgm2 can out spin my friends dark magic2 with a kk bearing. Just goes to show that a stock bearing is just as good.

or that your throw is better.


most likely

get a center trac i say cause they are cheap


I just feel that KK bearings aren’t needed, as concluded unnecessary. Don’t expect much from it, but you can get it for the sake of curiousity, but results vary from person to person. eg. this thread

As you can tell people like them or dislike them. I’d say try one for yourself you make like it, you may not like it but that’s the only way you will ever know.

Personally, every kk I own has came with the yoyo purchased. They play fine for me but I’ve never replaced my other bearings with kk’s. Flat bearings play fine as well. Therefore, I play kk and non-kk and never have I found that I play a yoyo because it has a kk. I don’t really think about what bearing is in it.

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