quick point.

Maybe im gonna get over my head here, but this is a tiny point that has been poping up in my head recently. Now i dont think konkave bearings have ever truly had a place. Just my THOUGHTS on KKs. If you have a very special place for one reason or another then by all means EXPRESS THAT REASON. I would love for you to tell me all that you adore about a KK. Yeah i had a KK once, paid nearly 30 after shipping and it crapped out on me in like a month, meanwhile all of my YYf SPPY CLYW spec bearings not only outperform the one and only KK I had, but have a greater overall feel. but lets face it who likes KK? Now it seems to me, that these are nothing more than a gimmick. Is that harsh? I dont mean or want it to be, I just truly think that. Becasue as a novice at some point you become just about if not obsessed with centering string in your yoyo. I dont think i have to make a point that people a couple years into it are still worried about that.

Now like i said if you love konkaves be all means tell me what you love and i will gladly consider your reasoning. Some would tell me not to base the outcome of my opinion off of one specific model of said specific product and i understand this idea. But when you pay near 30 buckaroos for something that not only is supplied when buying any modern throw, but is way more than you will ever need. does it not just make sense to say “hey, i really dont need that”. Plus i think it creates a mind set of centering your string, your string has to be perfect, your yoyo has to be perfect, tricks gotta be perfect! all this hype over things that take away from yoyoing.

So i guess in a nutshell heres what im saying and asking.

Does anyone feel as if KKs are gimmicks.
If not why?
Can anyone agree that they know they will never wake another day and say hmm i need a KK for this trick.
Do you agree that it creates this centering mind set that all these new comers latch to and obsess over and in turn makes people step away from yoyoing, all because they bought a 25$ bearing that was said to help. Not saying thats the only reason but its a big one in my eyes.

i could keep going but you guys get the point so ill let your minds speak.

All I can say is KK’s are a necessity but only in a certain few yoyo’s.

i got more stability and spin time on a KK.
but this extended spin time does not come from the bearing, but from less friction as the string got further from the wall and response.

so, it’s good, but necessary. . . .

i only like them in a dark magic

When YYF same out with the center-trac, KKs became obsolete. Sometimes you need a bearing like that to reduce response. But because the Center-trac has more room for the string to land on, the strings won’t necessarily pile on top of each other. On the KK, they are guaranteed to and it’ll cause kickback.

In my opinion, KK’s are good for beginners and maybe some intermediate players, or people who can’t throw straight. It helps to center the string, that way they can get better and move up to a flat bearing. Otherwise, it is only good for a few tricks, like a gyro flop. I personally like flat bearings, and will stick to those.

I love KK’s, they play well, and last a long time, without having to clean or lube them that often. They play well for 3a forward tricks, atleast that is what I hear. They might have some drawbacks, but I still find them awesome. They are not gimmicks, just really good bearings that I find great for 1a. They are one of my favorite bearings. I have never tried the Ceramic ones, but I own 2 regular 15 dollar KonKave bearings. And if they died on you, either they were messups that you can send back and get a refund, you need to clean them, or you never took care of them properley. Not trying to be mean, but it’s not cool to say bad stuff about something especially if you have only owned 1 of those bearings. And sorry, but this thread seems like a pointless gimmick, not the bearing.

James Reed

I never felt like kks and cts did anything to improve performance. It seems like it’s just people going nuts for the newest peice of technology that actually does nothing.

yes i agree center track is a step up from a KK.

and dyonch, i just think for the price its not worth what you get, when you have a more accepted bearing that is the standard of all yoyos.

let me thank those of you for discussing this, for i am not out to start dispute but only to further myself.
i have to say i love this community and how open it is, and i would throw with any one from it even with KKs in all of there yoyos. lol

The biggest reason I got one was because my string on my g5 slipped into the edge all the time. CT came, problem solved.

Can’t deny that is useful.

Why would you want to learn with a handicap?

On just about every modern yoyo, a new bearing won’t be necessary. But on some older throws with smaller gaps, it can really increase performance.

But you get the idea that a lot of people fail to understand: you can play the yoyo stock and still do any trick if you practice.

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