help me with this..

help me pls////…

I own a YoYofactory PGM, but i never tried putting in a KonKave.
Instead, I used a Center Trac Bearing.
I havent noticed a big difference, just that it seemed more stable. People say the CT is very different from the KK, so Im not sure, but my KK will arrive in 2 days, so I will test it then.

ok… i only use stock bearing and im disappoint bec.
my string always in the side of the bearing,…

help we this… what do i need center trax or konkave bearing. tnx.

P.S is there a increase of your PGM when you use CT bearing?

No, a kk will do nothing. They are very overated. You cant have as much string in the gap. There is nothing wrong with a stock bearing. It could be your throw…


I have a pgm and it’s one of the few yoyo’s I use that has a flat bearing.
The bearing that came stock just spins soooo fast I never switched it out.

I love the KK and I have more than 20 Yoyo’s with them.
I also have half a dozen centre track bearings in other yoyo’s.

I find The KK’s help to balance and smooth out some lazy throws and moves.

I find The Centretrack bearing is less active at balancing a yoyo but is better at holding those 4+ layers of string though.

KK’s and centre tracks are great bearings in my opinion. I highly recommend them.


A KK bearing will not make up for sloppy throws.

I find that on some yoyo’s if your throw or move is a bit off (not quite straight) it can really bump the yoyo around.

In those yoyo’s the KK just helps to settle it down, letting the bearing rest on the string for a sec helps me sort it out.

This is an opinion only.

If you chuck the yoyo around any old how, things will still go bad for you kk or not.


KK bearings do nothing. Seriously simple as that.

People may think that it does, that it’s great, like “Oh it’s new and “better” bearing!.” NO.

And the string bunching up in the middle of the bearing isn’t always a good choice. Suicides, some tend to say that they close up the loops. It could easily cause responsiveness, as for the same reason.

It is a waste of money for those looking for a better throw. Just practice and everything would be perfect. No need to go out using your budget on this somewhat called “gear”.

Spin time? No. Does no effect.

In my opinion The only thing that a center trac or KK bearing does is keep the string away from the walls so the yoyo wont tilt to one side

Many people proved that this didn’t work as it should.