Is it worth it?

I want to upgrade my Gorylla, so I’m going to get a kk bearing. what I want to know is if it’s worth it? and how should I clean it if I do get it?


It really isn’t. With practice, you can easily keep your string centered, and if you want the KK for spin time, the Gorylla most likely spins longer than you need it to anyway.

If you’re really willing to spend the money, definitely. I’ve used a KK, CT, and a normal bearing and actually performed a test with results. Don’t worry, it was a fair test ;). The results show that the KK centers the string the most, and the fastest. It is true that you can center the string with the normal bearing, but when it comes to performance, and you start to become a good yoyoer, you’re going to want a KK. It is worth the money. just clean the bearing with some mineral spirits and put some thin lube on it, that’s all for cleaning.

even for ceramic?

a ceramic KK and a normal KK will perform exactly the same. the only difference is that the ceramic will generally last longer. The only realistic reason you would want the ceramic is if you play yoyo by water, and your afraid that the ceramic bearing will get some water in it, and rust. I don’t think that you will be playing by any water, thus you do not need the ceramic. I didn’t buy a ceramic.