Bearing Upgrade?

Hey guys just looking for a second opinion. Im currently using th Axiom with stock bearing but want to upgrade the bearing. Basically im looking at the KK or the CKK. Ive noticed for the most part the CKK seems to play a lot louder and i definatly perfer quite play and also ive read it should not be lubed at all. So basically just wondering will the KK be the better of the 2 in regards to quite play and long lasting spin with center string or just go the extra bit of money for the CKK and have the better of the 2. Just looking for some help will be ordering with some string probably within a couple of weeks. oh and just for the record stock bearing in axiom is now spinning over 2 min as long as not touching sides just basically want the upgrade in general. Thanks

CKK Just has ceramic balls (Chinese bowls and spoons{Traditional, not modern}), so if you lube it/clean it, it will wear the ceramic down and leave you with a non spinning bearing.

But of course, it is a lot smoother than the steel balls. KK comes lubed, and takes a long time to break in. Ckk will come unresponsive immediately.

A broken in KK can spin long, but not as long as a ckk! But the diff aint that large though. So if you’re really willing to pay 2x the price, just go for the ckk. But the play is not 2x as good as the kk! Think about that.

Ceramic bearings are known to spin for a longer time. But ask yourself; “Do I really need a ceramic bearing?” Yes they do spin for a longer amount of time, but a lot of players will say that incerdible longs spin time isn’t needed. And some people might also say that a KK isn’t needed. KKs do add smoothness overall, but it’s not said that they spin that much longer than a YYJ stock bearing. The KK is a great bearing and the CKK is a bit better, but it it’s worth 30 dollars or not is up to you.

Addment: There are also a lot of great bearings out there. 10ball, SPEC, EZO etc.

what’s EZO???i heard of the stainless steal one but is it good?

What about this bearing?  Grooved instead of concaved.  Anybody have any experience.

EZO bearings ship with several SPYY yoyos. I believe that the bearing itself is meant to slap de-shielders in the face. I don’t care about that since I like my bearings shielded. But EZO bearings are made so that they can be cleaned and lubed without any shield removal. A lot of people find these bearings very nice and smooth, but this is to every single player’s decision.

Addment: You can also get shieldless GOLD coated EZO bearings by Taka. These are known to be very good bearings and only about 12 dollars. They can be gotten here:

thanks for the help guys. will prob just get the reg KK main reason i want one is to help with string being centered. don’t mind the extra cost much but i find the CKK to be too loud to really enjoy the bearing itself. Besides i have a full bottle of lube and whats the point in waisting that. Im going to be waiting another week or so before ordering need string anyway. so if any other opinions feel free to give me the update.

Noise and gets loose after time, when I first got one I thought it was the greatest now I don’t use it. I am going with an Mercury bearing and 10 ball trying to decide which is best, so far I like them both quiet and smooth.  P.S. If you want my old one you can have it.