SPEED or ceramic kk?

i just purchased a meteor and it comes with the new SPEED bearing.

it plays great, but i’m thinking of an upgrade to a ceramic kk (i’m willing to spend on it).


Yep, but its no different than a regular kk. Ceramics play a bit smoother…not a big difference though…I have one but I don’t see any major changes from a regular KK. If you got the $ and willing to buy it then buy it, but I rather stick with a normal KK.

The only advantage I see is that Ceramic KK’s have longer lives and don’t require frequent cleaning…

As for the YYJ Speed bearing, its smooth as butter…IMO i think it plays better than a YYF SPEC bearing.

If you perfected your throw, then there is no need for A KK or CKK, stick with your YYJ SPEED bearing


I am a HUGE fan of the SPEED bearings. They are superb. I used to run my DM with a ultra broken in KK, but I switched over to a SPEED once I got them.

Yeah. For me, they are THAT good.

If it were my thirty bones, I would buy another yo-yo or yo-yo accessories.

me too, better than SPECs