is it worth it????

k i want a better longer sleeping yoyo and i heard about the ceramic bearings and its 30 buck n i have the yoyo jam speed bearing by the way do i buy it or what? :-\

work on your throw and most of your problems will disappear and your sleep time of your yo-yo will increase greatly

Trust me, there is nothing special about that bearing. it will do nothing that a normal kk can’t. There is no magic power it has. Just don’t waste your money. Get a normal kk, and maybe get something else. You’ll be just as happy if not happier.

you really dont need any bearing, i can play a yyj stock bearing and rock any trick into that yoyo.
and if you think you need to upgrade cause there’s a problem, it’s your throw.

KK bearings in general will not do anything for sleep time. Nor will ceramic bearings. YYJ speed bearings are the only bearing I buy. They do anything you need them too and more. Just practice snapping your wrist as hard as you can and as straight as you can. Focus on if the yoyo tilts or not, if it does, try to counteract this by tilting you wrist a bit in the opposite direction of the tilt of the yoyo.

Just an aside note here. Next time you post, try to be a little more coherent, spelling out your words and such. Makes it much easier to understand what you are asking about.

you shouldn’t spend 30 buck on ceramic bearing or ceramic kk. You just need to improve your throw

I’ve thought the exact same thing to myself, but the thought of shelling out 30 bucks for a bearing didn’t sit well with me so I just bought a standard KK and I’m really liking it, if your worried about the life of your bearing then just buy some decent lube and look up a tut on cleaning the bearing. As far as sleep time goes that’s all in the throw as I have learned in the past few weeks with my new yo-yo


I spent the money, just to try that out, and I agree with everyone here. It’s most likely the best bearing I have, but nothing justifies its price, at least at my current level. Maybe, when (if) I improve I might change idea and be able to appreciate it. But, for now, I keep on sticking with regular steel bearings.

I spent the extra on a ceramic kk cause I love my stainless steel kk so much, but in reality they aren’t that different. The ceramic one is a tad smoother, maybe sleeps a hint longer, but its not really noticeable unless your really paying attention. For some reason unknown to me I always get longer sleep times out of kk and center trac bearings. I think its a preference thing, but in my opinion kk or center trac provides noticably longer sleep times. It will come down to your style and preference, for example one of the posts before me says they love yyj speed bearings. I hate yyj speed bearings, it doesn’t mean one of us is right or wrong it just means we have different preferences. It sounds crazy but you should just buy like 5 different bearings made by different companies and see what you like the best.

wonder why people spend so much on kk and center tracks with so little improvements and really, flat bearings aren’t that bad, unless you are willing to uses like over 50 bucks to buy kk ceramic and centertrack.