FULLY ceramic bearings

So I’m thinking about trying out a fully ceramic bearing made by a company that makes bearings for things other than yoyos. I have found one that I am considering, but I have a couple of worries:

  1. I am afraid that simply dropping the yoyo might result in smashing the bearing (maybe)
  2. even though the dimensions are the same as my c bearing, I know that sometimes when you try using different products with different companies that they aren’t quite as compatible. I am worried that the bearing might be either too snug or too loose.
  3. the one I am looking at is 60 dollars, and I am sure it is a great yoyo but I think one reason people use ceramic bearings are for uses where something that is extremely tolerant to heat is absolutely necessary, so I don’t know if it would be worth getting a full ceramic, when a stainless steel rimmed/ceramic ball bearing would serve just as good a purpose.

Has anyone ever bought a full ceramic from a bearing company and thrown it in a yoyo? If so, then let me know.

The bearing wont shatter upon impact, if that’s what you mean.

$60 for a yo-yo bearing is outrageous. Let’s put the cost aside for a second though, and see what it might offer.

First, the friction difference between ceramic on ceramic and ceramic on stainless steel is negligible. This means that the “spin time” difference between the fully ceramic and ceramic-balled would be so small that even a scientific test would be inconclusive.

For those of you who rave about the smoothness of a ceramic-balled bearing, a fully ceramic would offer the same feel; no better, no worse.

The primary focus of fully-ceramic bearings is to be used in areas that have a strong magnetic field that would influence a stainless steel bearing negatively. Obviously, a ceramic bearing is not influenced by magnetism and solves that problem.

If you really want to, I am sure that if the dimensions are the same that it will work just fine. If it were me, I would just buy a couple yo-yos or yo-yo accessories.

why waste $60 when the bearing that comes with the yoyo is perfectly fine? if you learn how to properly maintain bearings there is no need to get anything fancy

If you’re willing to spend the cash, I’d say why not? Something new, see how it feels, and it’ll be like a novelty item as well. ;D Make sure you put up a good review if you do buy it though :slight_smile:

JM, that’s what I was thinking, ceramic is nice but ceramic on ceramic is probably not really gonna help with speed. it would be cool to have one, but I can get ten ceramic bearings with stainless steel for the same price, so that’s prolly what Im going to do. I do like ceramic (ball) bearings. so you think if I get some from the internet that they’ll have a problem fitting?

Get an Mighty Flea and a KK bearing! That’s what I’d do…

I’ve seen a guy pull 2 minute combos with a 20 dollar un-modded yoyo. But the guy also owned a duncan MG (not exactly practical). did he need the yoyo? no. could he afford the yoyo? sure. was it worth it? maybe to him. The most expensive yoyo ever sold went for like 16,000 dollars in an auction. waste of money? all in the eye of the beholder.

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im not totally sure but the flea uses tiny bearings and they dont make kk’s in the “tiny size”

he ment one for his dark magic
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i see, but the still dont make “tiny size” kk’s

I have full ceramic bearings from a number of companies… based on your price I assume you mean the vxb bearings.

To put it simply, it’s a gigantic waste of money.

To put it complexly… it’s a really gigantic waste of money.

Full ceramic bearings aren’t design for performance increase in the way we need it. They are designed for extremely harsh chemical environments or high heat applications, that’s it.

They make no noticeable improvement on hybrid ceramics and they are more prone to damage… especially the cheap ones like vxb sells. Yep, that’s cheap… high end full ceramics run in the $400 range… those don’t help yoyos either.

They look cool when you look into the gap since they’re typically white… but that’s hardly worth the outrageous price. If any of you catch me at a contest, ask me to try the higby 888 I have in my case that’s always set up with a full ceramic just to demonstrate these points…


ahhh, nice, and yup, you hit the vxb nail right on the head. but what about their 30 dollar abec 7 hybrid?

They are charging for the abec rating in that case… which means precisely NOTHING in relation to yo-yos… so again, a huge waste of money.

Stick with your everyday hybrid ceramics that the yoyo stores sell if you must go ceramic… otherwise steel bearings work just fine. Unless you are looking to set sleeper records, ceramic in any form is completely unnecessary and doesn’t show a large improvement in everyday use.


Just so you guy’s know, few bearings are actually made for yoyo’s.

I think I’ve said this before.

@ Throw-bot

heres a link to a place that sells different bearings mainly for hobby toys (Anything that needs bearings):


Read about “full ceramics”…

It’s not a gigantic waste of money, if you can afford it, yes. However ceramics last quite long, i have 3 ceramics, all of them in my main throws, i’ve had these ceramics for 4 years and there still going. Full Ceramic Bearings are made out of hardened ceramic and cooked in an autoclave. These high end bearings are used in heavy duty machinery, and i would think it could handle a yoyo. No they are not charging for ABEC rating, but rather quality and craftsmanship.

As for being useless or unessesary, i think it’s personal choice. I find it that it’s way smoother than a normal bearing and on top of that its low maintence, unlike traditional bearings, you don’t have to clean ceramic bearings very often. Hybrid (dif-e-yo CKK) ceramics are just as good like kyo mentioned, however, will not surrpass the spin time of a full ceramic bearing (steel core/Ceramic Coating).

It all comes down to prefrence, if you go for that full ceramic bearing, you can possibly pull of a 5 minute combo…LOL  ;D

BTW anyone heard or saw titanium bearings, i heard they were not ABEC rated and can spin longer than ABEC 7+, last longer, smoother than ceramic? These bearings are in their own class…


A stainless steel bearing will, if maintained properly, last you as long as you need it to.

this is true, although metal will corrode eventually…

Gorrilla… I’m quite aware of boca and their bearings.

If you read my post I mention quite explicitly that I own many types of ceramic bearings, from dirt cheap vxb to $400 high end.

They ARE NOT DESIGNED for the characteristics we look for with yo-yos. Their purpose is primarily in harsh chemical or heat environments.

Ceramic does have a lower coefficient of friction than steel in most cases, fine… but that does not necessarily translate to a large performance difference in a yo-yo.

I’m not speculating or guessing here, there is no opinion involved… I’ve actually used them, actually TESTED them in a controlled fashion. They just don’t matter. Compared to hybrid ceramics they really don’t offer any benefit.

As for hybrid ceramics… you can get HIGH QUALITY hybrid ceramics for far less than $30. What you are paying for there IS the abec rating… which again has no influence on their performance in a yo-yo. Check with any bearing manufacturer, a high abec rating costs -far- more and guarantees absolutely no increase in quality.

Ceramic is more brittle than steel, period. They are not designed to be removed constantly, especially with the tight fittings you find in many metal yo-yos… they can be damaged quite easily. If you never take it out, sure it’ll last as well as anything else.

If you want to set sleeper records, hybrid ceramic is your best bet. If you want to just play with the yo-yo… it really doesn’t make any significant difference.

As for this…

Titanium isn’t typically used in bearings. It really isn’t a good candidate for it as titanium is prone to microwelding and seizing when used against titanium. There are some manufacturers who use ti balls, but typically with nylon races and such… or some other combination of materials. And once again, abec ratings have NO INFLUENCE on how the bearing will perform in a yo-yo.



i just use stock yyf or yyj size c bearings
they are amazing and there is no need to waste over 10 dollars on a bearing
i bought a kk about a month ago
now i dont like it and it just sits in my case

Ummm…can you tell me where he said he’s gonna get a ceramic KK?