The best bearing out there

Yeah the yo-yo and bearing should compliment each other. I enjoy my Twisted Trifecta.

Quote from a Terrapin X review:

“One of the main pluses of the Terrapin X line is that each bearing that I have tested has had incredible spin times. Now I am by no means being scientific when it comes to testing the spin time, I do not have a machine that will exert the same amount of force on each bearing and then record the spin time on a spread sheet. All I am doing is putting the bearing on a chopstick and giving it a spin with my thumb and then eyeballing the result. From what I can see, they are out spinning my cleaned General-Yo and 10-Ball bearings by about 30 seconds. The other main plus is that each Terrapin X bearing has a shallow groove cut into the center of the bearing similar to the Crucial groove. This groove does aid in the centering of the string, keeping it away from the walls of the yo-yo, reducing friction from the string hitting the sidewall. I find this setup to be better than the KK setup because the string will still slide left or right allowing for better wraps in the gap where a KK will bunch up after a couple of wraps.”

Do you mean the most favored bearing? Because there is no best bearing, it’s what you like .

I like different bearings in different yoyos. I’m generally fond of the YYF Centre Tracs.


The best kind is a size C 8 ball Dif-e-o KonKave bearing prefferably ceramic but I f you dont have $30 to spend on a bearing get a steel konkave bearing and some lube, but otherwise I would go with the ceramic.

No it’s not! Maybe in your opinion…

I like CT’s like Yuki…

Since there’s already a thread; I’ve got a kk and a yyj speed. I’m considering trying some other bearings. Mostly been looking at ct, one drop ten, and terrapin (also considering picking up dry lube) thoughts?

I honestly think people should just buy a bunch of bearings and experiment with them. Try them all in any yoyo you want to, see what you like best. If you can afford it, try all those bearings out. They are all good bearings.

I’m not trying to take a safe or non-committal approach. I believe in things like “there is no such thing as a best yoyo” or “best string” or “best bearing” or even “best response”. It’s all a matter of mixing and matching, trial and error and discovering what you do or don’t like.

I do have my preferences. I don’t think it’s right to really impose them upon others. All I can do is express what I have discovered and pass that along. It doesn’t make me “right”, but it does make me right for me.

What I will say about Dry Play is that it takes some practice to treat the bearings right. It’s also safe, because if you don’t do it right, just clean the bearing out with acetone and start over. If you like it, then great, because I like it. If you don’t, then hey, you don’t, whatever.

In the end, you gotta play it, so you might as well figure out what makes it best for you.

Another example:
KK’s are great bearings. But, I put one in my Chaser, and I didn’t like it in my Chaser. I went back to the stock bearing, because for me, even after also trying CenterTrac, Trifecta, Crucial Groove and others, the stock bearing is what I preferred best in that yoyo.

On the flip side, the Meteor comes stock with a YYJ Speed bearing. A KK bearing now calls that yoyo home. The same went true for my Speeder 2: KK is what worked best in there for me.

At the same time, stock bearings rock too. Don’t apologize for what you end up liking. All that matter is “what i right for you”.

For finger flicks I find the yyf spec bearings to beat OD 10 balls. I think the ten balls are built with tighter tolerances than the yyf spec so the yyf free spin longer. The ten balls are smoother tho. My yyf bearings are noticably looser than my 10 ball. When I say looser I’m mean they have more play from the larger ring to the smaller ring.

I think people care way to much about what bearing they have in their yoyo. It’s a bearing. I don’t care what it is as long as it works. Of course I have my favorites but some people seem to obsess over what bearing they have or what bearing they should buy. It doesn’t really matter.


Id say anything that is concave or even just grooved. It is best to buy name brand. However just because yo get a bearing from a good manufacturer does not mean it will be good, defective bearings show up more than you would think and you probably will get at least one eventually.

I would guess it depends on your skill level. If you can’t outplay the bearing you have.
It doesn’t really matter.

Think you got that backward bro.

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Standard 8 balls are cheapest highest quality and work great. Its a bearing, its honestly not worth more than a few dollars…

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Most non ABEC rated bearings are worth way less then that…

ABEC ratings really do not matter with regards to yo-yos.

Citations: This literally defines the tolerances of ABEC ratings,53122.msg537263.html#msg537263,12440.msg128122.html#msg128122

Bearings are bearings, kids. At the end of the day, spending more money for negligible performance is not going to make you play any better, no matter what a salesman says.


If you actually did thousands of bearing I would understand…

Whatever bearing is in my yoyo ! Being serious I really enjoy YYF spec bearings, in my opinion they play the best for my needs. Everybody is going to have different opinions.

Keep on throwing - Chris

I can agree from the perspective that too many people(myself included quite some time ago) are looking for a magic solution to improve things. Bearings seem to be a starting point since they are so inexpensive. The next step is the yoyo. Later on(like, an hour after they get the new yoyo) that it’s their throwing of the yoyo that really needed the most improvement. Some things will never change.

I think my position of “find the bearing that best matches the yoyo for you and your preferences” statement, so I’ll skip that.

Not to defend Terrapin X products, but I’ve found that for the money, the Terrapin X products aren’t costing more than the premium bearings and if not similar, then same or improved performance. In some cases, there have been VAST improvements in performance. I’ve also had great results using Dry Play in my bearings. However, if I’m playing sloppy(likely) or throwing badly(equally likely), ain’t no bearing in the world gonna help me fix that issue!

Yeah, really no best bearinf. Be wary, these things are NOT magical, they won’t improve your yoyos tremendously. I really support Buddha Bearing Co. bearings, they’re cheaper than alot of specialty bearings and play as good (or better) as the others. I got 4 ripple bearings for 20 bucks at BAC.