Ceramic and Regular Bearings

What is the Difference between Ceramic and Regular Bearings?

One is made of ceramics, and one is made of metal. Play wise, ceramics are just a waste of money, in my opinion

yea the ceramics are like what 10x smoother than steel? something like that.

Nope, I have a ceramic KonKave and it is no where near as smooth of quiet as a 10 ball bearing.

there’s really no need for a ceramic bearing unless you’re going for a sleep record or something.
Physically, ceramic is smoother, meaning less friction, meaning longer spin.

Some talented players enjoy doing longer routines.

i have a ceramic bearing in my buddha king… it changed the sleep time from like 13 minutes to about 13 minutes and 3 seconds. From my experience they do absolutely nothing

I’d be willing to bet that kimmitt didn’t use a ceramic bearing for his 3 minute, one throw freestyle. he probably used the stock bearing, probably cleaned. ceramic (from what I’ve seen) doesn’t do enough to notice.
Even a different example, skateboard bearings. I could go buy a set of bones swiss bearing for around $100, or for about $20, I could get bones reds. I haven’t actually tested how long swiss spin for, but I get a good 18-20 seconds with a decent spin with the reds, which is more than enough.

In my opinion, they’re just not worth the extra cost. especially when you could get one drop 10 ball, or one of your terrapin bearings for about a 3rd of the price. (just going off of ceramic kks price)

Every ceramic I’ve had has worn out considerably faster than my steels, so I’m even dubious about their extra durability. That being said, ceramics are quiet and smooth, but they don’t provide enough gains to double the cost of a KK.

Note that Jensen did regens :stuck_out_tongue:

Ceramic KK’s are totally useless imo

The only significant difference (in yoyos) is retailers make a lot more money on ceramics.

Not really, the actual cost for the retailer is way higher.

Ceramics are great if you plan on yo-yoing in a large vat of acid… otherwise save your money and practice more.


Maybe I should get a ceramic then…

Dang Kyo, I was actually thinking of saying that till I got to your post…

It’s funny to read about what people learn about bearings on yoyo forums.

Well I haven’t learned much about bearings from the forum.

I will say I’m pleased with the Terrapin X bearings over the stock bearings in most yoyos. But even so, most of the stock bearings are pretty decent.

Regardless, I find my biggest performance increase comes from practicing and getting that throw straight and solid and the string centered on the bearing.