Witch amasses longer spins?

a ceramic, or a Dorothy bearing? Just wondering ;D

Ceramics spinning longer than any other bearing is a myth. I prefer standard bearings. Dorothy bearings had a temper. They would just crap out and lock up without notice. I think you should go for a stock YYJ bearing. I’ve got a few that spin for a lot longer than I need.

YYJ bearings also seem to last forever no matter how much you use them too.


if ceramic dont spin longer, than why do they sell them? do they last longer?

OK i’ll say it again. Only in recent years, maybe this past year, Bearings were NOT made for yoyos.
They were made for so many other applications but yoyos. Now these ceramics were made for those machines that had chemicals in them that would eat the steel in the bearing. That is why we have ceramics. Also they can last longer but in yoyo’s that doesnt’ mean they are better than steel at all.

well i know that, but why do they sell them on yoyo sites then?

To make $$$$$$$$!

thats so stupid, btw, andre seemed to think the ceramic bearings spun longer in one of his videos.

Semi Ceramics might. But full ceramics are ridiculous.

is it the bearing that had ceramic ball in it?
i heard that they are hard to deal with.

anyway, i got same problem with dorothy, they just lock up, right before that they spin like heaven.

The ones that just have the ceramic balls in them are pretty good. Not worth the price to me though.

Hybrid ceramics ‘do’ spin longer… sort of.

Here’s the thing… 99.9% of the time (realistically 100% of the time for most people) your throw is not going to max out the spin time of the bearing. This only happens if you are one of the few who aim for sleep records and have insanely hard/smooth/perfect throws.

Since you’re doing tricks with the yo-yo, you aren’t going to get any real gain from it. A few seconds here and there? maybe… but a technically perfect throw will gain you -MUCH- more. The difference between an ‘ok’ throw and a perfect one could be measured in minutes, not seconds.

Stores sell hybrid ceramics because, in theory, they can out spin a ‘normal’ bearing… but this only comes into play at extremely long spin times, far beyond the times that you’re going to see while doing tricks.

And since somebody mentioned them… full ceramic bearings are absolutely stupid for yo-yos, period.

If you have a bit of extra cash to waste, go ahead. I see no need to pay that much for that little extra.

Don’t need, don’t want.

Here is an idea. Do a little research as to the yoyo that holds the world record. Find out what kind of bearing is in it. It won’t be ceramic I can guarantee that.

Ceramics are lighter, smoother, stiffer, harder, and last way longer than steel. Ceramics, are, without question, better than steel. However, bearing performance depends a lot on manufacturing precision. The brand of bearings you’re buying probably makes a bigger difference than the material they’re made out of.

Your throw makes a larger impact than any slight machining flaws.

… and that is totally irrelevant in comparing bearings. You know what else makes a bigger impact on spin time? Yoyoing in a highly viscous fluid, like molasses, makes a very large impact. Your relative velocity to the speed of light – in certain circumstances – makes a huge difference! The length of your arms, the strength of your muscles, the weight of your yoyo and its rotational inertia, and the damping properties of your string ALL make a difference in amount of time your yoyo spins for and none of them have anything to do with bearings. This is why I did not include them in my previous comment, because that comment was about the performance of bearings.

To reiterate the point I was making before, though, manufacturing precision (not flaws) is hugely significant. I can tell right away the difference between my hspin bearing, general yo bearing, and my spec yyj bearings. Ceramic balls allow for a higher degree of precision than steel, but if that precision isn’t matched by the other pieces in the part, the fact that you’re using ceramic balls can be insignificant.

Do you own a full ceramic bearing Maximus? If you don’t then I suggest you ask around to people that do. They will tell you that the full ceramic bearing is garbage for yoyo’s.

I’m trying to say that this question as a whole is rather unimportant to how long your spin time is. If you have a bearing that spins 7 seconds and one that spins around 15 and throw them at the same force, the spin will be rather quite the same. Sure, if the entire bearing is screwed up to kingdom come, sure it’ll make a difference.