Ok i need some help. I just got red shims from yoyojam and i was wondering how to put them on my darkmagic and if i could stack 2 together

Hey guys well I got my DM a little while ago bout week and a got a CKK (ceramic konkave) bearing and I got some shims but one got ripped so is there anything to buy to make it like less responsive cause im getting some sick string

Clean the bearing and silicone the o-ring half.

Stacking two on one side will cause the string to slip between the bearing and the yo-yo half.

As for how to apply them, you should read [this].

how to silicone and i have a konkave

remove o-ring fill the gap with silicone:

see this link,13979.0.html

I have merged your two topics. They were basically on the same type of problem so there was no need for another topic.

ok thx

Now I put the red shim in and it is still responsive so I’m going to put flowable silicone on and how do I put thin lube on a ceramic konkave bearing