Threatened over a yoyo sale

A very strange situation indeed!
I recently had a sale go south on the facebook bst. I was the intended buyer. We had discussed the sale and i sent the money.
There was a disagreement over the paypal fees. The seller became pretty hostile so i decided to eliminate the transaction. He said he would refund the money, and called me a few names. Unpleasant, but things happen.
Four days pass and i ask why it said the refund was still pending. Boy did i open a can worms! He began insulting me and my wife. This is where it gets concerning.
He has now said he will be calling me and my wifes employers endlessly and accusing us of saying racist things until we are fired.
Any suggestion for recourse?
Anything like this ever happen to you?
What the heck happened to the yoyo community while i was away?!


Just call him out on the BST, that should get your money back lol


Yeah I mean you can pretty much make sure he doesn’t sell another yo-yo


I agree with Damb, call him out on fb bst


How is it that he knows who you and your wife work for? And I would copy the transcript of him threatening you and your livelihood over something as simple as a deal that went South. I think there are a few laws against threatening people. Especially threatening people with loss of employment over something as petty as something that’s not even a misdemeanor. I would definitely call him out on Facebook BST I would copy and paste The transcript between the two of you. So anybody that cares to; can see who the problem is in this particular predicament. Some people like the clown you’re dealing with have some odd Tendency or fantasy; that you can just flat out threaten people for the simplest of things instead of just letting it move into the past. If this was a 50,000 Dollar transaction; then the two of you would have to do a better job of sorting out the details. Because actually that’s a pretty hard chunk of cash. But for a yo-yo; to get so irate and threatening; that’s just pure lunacy. Unfortunately that’s probably the way he deals with most things that don’t go his way. And he probably likes that he can threaten people and think he’s on the edge of the law and can get away with it continuously. There’s nothing normal about that kind of behavior. So somehow or someway; he hast to come to a new awareness that you just can’t snap like a twig on people and think that you’re not harming anybody. I can’t even imagine how the guy would act if we were talking about my big money theory? Call the clown out. And also block him however you can do it. There’s no reason that you should have to read any of his future threatening messages. Because even if you want to do it just out of curiosity; reading disturbing messages will work on your brain in a negative way. And then if nothing else he kind a gets his way just by getting under your skin. I wouldn’t give them the opportunity. Break it off on him and block Him just about the same time. If he sent something to you before you block him do not read it. Don’t give him the time of day. Good luck


If I were you, I would file a dispute with PayPal. Inform the Facebook bst, but don’t make it personal. Take the high road and use existing processes through PayPal, Facebook or your credit card (deny charges, if you used one) to reconcile.


What the heck? How random, I’ve never experienced this in the two years I’ve been in this community…


Let the mods of the Facebook BST know ASAP. I’m sorry this is happening to you. Please make others aware of this person so it doesn’t happen to anyone else


All of this over a couple of bucks in paypal fees. Wow.
File a dispute.


You could fill us in on who this particular individual was so we can avoid dealing with them.


Yay for Facebook, check your privacy settings.

Too much information out there can be dangerous.
Some people are bad.

Hopefully they’re all talk, be safe.

Make sure you take screenshots of everything this person is saying to you.


Just another reason not to be on Facebook


yup. Ill be for sure staying off the facebook bst.
I really hate to throw fuel on the fire. This guy is obviously a loose cannon. Id hate to call him out and then he makes good on his threats. He at one point posted our original sale conversation. The general consensus was that there was a genuine miscommunication. It was pretty split down the middle on who was more at fault. In the end it doesnt really matter. He got pretty nasty after that. Not really sure why it escalated like it did.


I’d say yoyodoc pretty much capsulized the path to follow…been there done that…one reason after I left YYE to check-out the FB bst and its definitely NOT as friendly as our smaller community-I quickly abandoned FB for good! Rarely do I go to FB anymore…to many crazies with so many character’s on board too!


Jeez man, what a mess! Yeah, I would definitely just stick to yoyoexpert and Reddit BSTs. I have never once had a problem with either one of them. I’ve heard of a few less-than-ideal testimonials from the Facebook BST.

Just shake the dust off your boots and move along


I actively look at all 3 and I’ve by far had the best results through fb in terms of BST and it’s not even remotely close

I would be HEAVILY restricting myself if I never use fb for my bst needs


By best results you mean…?

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WAY more activity than YYE and Reddit bst. Also way more people. Maybe less talking and less “regulars” but many more people and lurkers. If there’s something I want to sell, I definitely have the most success on fb.

Something I’m looking for? Put up a LF post, ill get a response the quickest via fb.

There’s more negative experience stories because there’s so much more transactions going on. Yeah the ratio MIGHT be a little higher but not as much as some people assume. I’ve probably done 50 bst deals on fb and have yet to have a very bad experience. Just the occasional somewhat slow shipper or impatient customer.

Also there’s a lot more big names on the fb bst. A lot more regular buyers and sellers. Protecting yourself and getting information on sellers is so much easier on fb because there’s way more people that have been doing deals on there for years so people know who’s good people.

It might not be as obvious as YYE because there aren’t 10-20 regulars who post all the time but there’s a lot more regular lurkers that are also reputable. It’s just something you might not realize if you don’t use fb bst a lot or haven’t been around.


yeah, I guess I don’t really have much room to talk seeing as how I’ve never used the Facebook BST myself. It’s the same community, so I can’t imagine it would be drastically different.

For the record, the Reddit BST feels a little more sketchy to me even though I’ve never had a bad experience with it. It’s because of the general anonymity of the users, unless you have spent time in the community and know who people are, it feels like you were doing transactions with complete strangers.