I guess this needs to be discussed. PAYPAL FEES

If you are selling a yoyo and you supply your PayPal email for payment. Are you as the seller expected to pay the PayPal fees for Goods and Services such as PayPal is set up?


If I am selling a yoyo and I ask for say $100 shipped, should this imply that the buyer should send $100 + fees so I receive the full $100 shipped that I asked for?

I ask because I just had a very unfortunate DM conversation trying to buy a yoyo. The seller was rude which is fine, I’m the Internet Sales Manager at a car dealership so I’m more than used to this.

It blows bc I want the yoyo but I can’t buy from someone I don’t respect.

BUT I am open to all viewpoints and I feel with this situation I now needed to bring this up.


$100 shipped is $100 flat, with shipping and fees included, in my opinion. Unless the seller states otherwise in the post (add $3 for shipping or PayPal fees). It’s always good to work things out before you send the money and they let you know what you payed wasn’t agreed upon on their end.

Also just a PSA. Always use G&S through PayPal it gives both parties insurance incase something happens.


This was my exact stance but I just recently got back into this scene and thought maybe the BST standards have changed

Asking for or charging a buyer PayPal fees is a direct violation of the PayPal user agreement.

No surcharges

You agree that you will not impose a surcharge or any other fee for accepting PayPal as a payment method.

PayPal User Agreement

Same goes for asking for payment for goods to be sent as a Friends & Family transaction.

If they have a PayPal account, they’ve agreed to those terms and are running the risk of getting their account closed and any money in it frozen.


I don’t make the rules around here but here’s my two cents:
I 100% stand for G&S, it makes total sense when dealing with someone you’re not familiar with. However, I believe G&S is an add on, an extra almost. It’s not assumed to pay with f and f but YOU the seller are the one paying for protection when using G&S. As a seller I expect to receive the price listed for my throw. If it’s 100 shipped and you’re paying G&S, I find it hard to believe the seller expects $96 and what not cents for a throw listed at $100. Just my thoughts.

If I give a PayPal contact for payment then I have to assume it’s either G&S or F&F. You can’t assume its neither. IF I were to be selling a throw then I am 100% going to assume the $96 instead of $100 unless I state in the listing that “fees are covered by buyer” because I HAVE to assume the buyer is going to choose G&S since (in most cases) I am not friends or family with the buyer and G&S protects both parties and is the suggested method via PayPal (which again is the payment platform I chose to use)


also G&S provides seller protection as well. It’s not only beneficial to the buyer.

Yeah man I feel ya. Like I said I use G&S 95% of the time and I stand for it. But I cover fees because I want to make sure they get the requested price despite my decision on how I pay.

I’ve had all 3 scenarios happen here:

  1. Buyer bought using f&f
  2. Buyer chose g&s and I ate the fee
  3. Buyer chose g&s and added the fee into the payment

All three happened when I gave the buyer my PayPal. Usually with no discussion of which of the three will happen.

Just pointing out that I have not seen a true standard but I try to work with the buyer. But I do understand how more communication as to what to expect is appropriate.


I can appreciate this.

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Paging @fatguysnacks247, clean up in aisle 3 :grin:


G&S provides protection for both the seller and buyer.

Any seller should just include fees and shipping in the cost. There should never need to be a disclaimer that tells a potential buyer how cheap you are.

I cannot understand why someone that has the means to buy an expensive toy or buy one and almost always sell it at a loss is so hung up on saving a couple bucks. Suck it up and pay for the transaction service you are utilizing.


I always add 2.9% as a buyer
I expect 2.9% added as a seller (I always inform the buyer before purchase my expectations)


I think asking for it ahead of time is one thing. But to expect it based on your personal preference alone or past transactions isn’t proper.


IMHO if a seller asks for $100, they should expect to get $100 and nothing more.
I think it’s up to the seller to set the price and to state if they want more for fees or not.


As a seller I never expect anyone to add money to cover fees.

As a buyer I always add money to cover fees.

With this philosophy you’ll never be in the wrong.


When I sell a yoyo, I want to make it easy for the buyer - the listing gives the price I want, and specifies goods and service, shipping included.

I’m not to lazy or math challenged to be able to figure out the PayPal fee or shipping cost.

I’m also of the mindset that if a seller posts “F&F or add the fee”, they don’t deserve my business. If they are too lazy to do some basic math, why should I expect they won’t be too lazy to pack the yoyo properly, or even go to the post office/drop it in the mail?

G&S isn’t like state sales tax that gets added in at checkout. PayPal’s T&C calls out the purpose of F&F and G&S. If I’m buying or selling something, I’m using G&S. If you ask me to pay F&F, you actually aren’t my friend, and, likely not in danger of becoming my friend.


Plus there is a psychological edge to “out the door” cost for a buyer. Feels like nothing is “hidden.”


Ok… my turn>


i’ve discussed this so many times i wrote a blog article about it. now when people ask me about it, i just send them the link