A few words about Paypal Gifting


First of all; I seriously don’t understand the logic in this; for a few reasons.

First; Paypal is providing a service. Why would/does anybody think it is fair to let somebody work for you ‘for free’?

If the gardener was next door, mowing your neighbors lawn; you wouldn’t shout out to him, ‘Hey, while your mowing away; mow my lawn for free’. <> You prolly have a pretty good idea how well that suggestion would go over.

Paypal provides services for fees; no fo free-ze.

But it gets more interesting. Paypal will back people up on some transactions; if something goes ‘Wrong’ on a deal.

But If you buy a Yoyo by sending the money using the ‘Gifting’ option; you’ll have a better chance rolling an Egg uphill with your nose; Than getting any help from Paypal.

Gifting cancels any help you would get in a dispute done through Paypal.

I was just checking out the BST and noticed one of the guys selling yoyos for up to $800 bucks. I am not saying there is anything wrong with his prices. I am not a Collector. And I am not a Yoyo value expert.
But saving 4 percent by using the Gift option; is poor judgement. If you never get the product; you are ‘Done’. No recourse. No support. When you start crying; you even have to provide your own Kleenex. Unless somebody gives you one as a gift.

I think it is fair to let Paypal charge somebody for services provided. (I sure don’t work for free; unless I want to). And it is cheap insurance in case there is a snag in the deal.

I think Sellers should calculate the Paypal fees into the price they are asking for their yoyos. Then they don’t have to mess with ‘conditions of sale’. (I only take Paypal… You gift me the money or you pay the transaction fee)(there is just waaaY too much ‘Cheeeep’ in there).

I fully understand that if the Seller just pads the price of a Yoyo to cover the 4 percent transaction fee; the buyer is ending up paying that extra amount anyway. But paying the extra 12 bucks on that 300 dollar Yoyo; at least gives you a safety net; in case the Deal falls through. If you Gift somebody $300 and they Tank on you; you really did end up giving them a ‘Gift’. Lol

I am sure a few Gift crazy crybabies will not understand what I am talking about. I understand.


It’s actually in the BST rules that the seller can not request paypal payments as a gift and the 4% must be included in the listed price

p.s. Word to your mother


Uh, don’t look now; but looks like some Sellers don’t read rules or do and don’t care. I seldom Sell.

I know the rules of the Board. I have been around since there was a Board.

I brought up the subject to possibly help newer folks from losing their money and bring a clearer view to the process.

PS you don’t know my Mother.

That line only rates if you are: Doctor Popular or Dave Capurro.


Sometimes I’ll sift through the bst to report threads requesting payment as gift to try and help but usually this happens when users are exchanging messages. Most people who have gotten scammed send payment as gift. You think people would sift through the rules before trusting strangers. The part that really bothers me is that kids are generally more likely to be scammed which is really sad that people would do that.

Also sorry if I came off as edgy with my first reply, it’s hard to tell tone through text

(Ellie) #5

this isn’t true

paypal is a 100% reversible currency hence if you browse outside of the forums you’ll see that people are extremely wary about accepting it as payment (i.e. paypal for bitcoin, paypal for certain programs). many stores don’t accept paypal because a person can easily use an unverified and/or carded account to purchase goods and then reverse it

sending it as gift doesn’t cancel out the chance of chargeback. it might not give you the option to open a dispute onsite but if you call paypal or your credit card company they can easily pull your money back in a span of five minutes or less. if you want an example, i have pulled almost 1k sent as gift back before (from actual scammers)

that being said, if i wanted i could purchase a bunch of yoyos from the BST right now with paypal, send as gift, have them mail it, and then file an unauthorised charge which would screw the sellers over (there’s no way they will win the case). this is how reversible paypal is. they don’t give a **** if you have a tracking number or a clean record. they side with the buyer almost 100% of the time unless you know how to work around it. it’s very risky to use PP when dealing with people you don’t know although i guess it’s safe to use it here because 99% of people on yye don’t know how paypal works lmfao

but yeah always send the money appropriately because evading taxes and fees would cause a red flag on your paypal account anyway


Yes, sending money as a gift, when it is not a gift, is technically a fraud against Paypal. For that reason alone, Paypal is a lot less likely to help you when things go wrong. Paypal knows that people will try to beat the system, but those who do, just might get burned. If you do it, accept the consequences.

Due to the fact that those fees are so low, it’s also extremely stingy to avoid fees that low on the average purchase. If you buy a $100 yo-yo, you are avoiding paying $3 or so.

Also, people should not blast Paypal, because they paid as a gift, and they get no Paypal help. All of the emails people send, and phone calls, bothering Paypal, when they paid as a gift and things go wrong, might cause them to eventually raise fees on those of us who actually pay our fees for the service. Don’t ruin it for everyone being stingy. Sellers will ask you to pay as a gift, to make it easier to scam you. They will prey on your wanting to save literally a few dollars, and scam you for a lot more as a result. It happened to a guy on here who paid for $400 worth of throws, avoided an estimated $12 fee, and got scammed for the $400. Saving $12 and losing $400 as a result, makes no sense.

Also, a word to the wise. As a seller, you pay the fee, not the buyer. All these stingy sellers looking to negotiate what happens concerning fees with a buyer, should cause buyers to move on. A seller should never be discussing any fee with you for U.S. to U.S. transactions, not even shipping fees. They should give you one price, that includes all fees, case closed. I can only think of few exceptions like shipping internationally, where shipping costs are not standard that shipping might need to be discussed, but not in the typical case. Never should fees enter the conversation.

YoyoExpert pays a fee to accept Paypal payments, and credit card payments outside of PayPal. I pay them all the time, but they never make it my problem about how much they pay in fees. That’s the cost of business and taking in money. Guess what the fee is, around 3% is my best guess. We wouldn’t want to go into a shopping cart and see anything itemizing credit card payment fees, would we? Why? Because that’s the seller’s problem, not the buyer’s. The same applies on the buy sell trade. Sellers need to act professionally about their transactions, and stop penny pinching.

A seller should only give you one price, for the item from his/her door to your door, all shipping and fees included. I think with an influx of new people, it’s great to post about this stuff fairly regularly.


I think that if we put the original post in context, it makes a lot of sense.  He is addressing the average buy sell trader, who does not have a lot of trade experience, has not been around the forum that long to know the members, likely a youngster, and for the aforementioned reasons might be highly susceptible to a scam involving paying as a gift through Paypal.  In those instances, those inexperienced, typically young traders, do not usually know the person they are giving money to as a gift, now coined “friends and family.”  I see people who know each other and thought they could trust each other in court fighting all the time.  But, the original post is not for those who can accept things when they go wrong, it is for those who know they will not be able to accept the consequences and move on, especially when it can be avoided at very little cost.  People are free to do what they want, but when they pay as a “gift” for something that was not a gift, then whine about it later, it looks like a scammer calling out a scammer.

I think anyone interested in the issue can decide for themselves after reading the Paypal protection policy, whether they should sell that protection for about $3 on a $100 yo-yo, or about $1.50 on a $50 throw.  But, I want to pluck out a quote from it, to spare you reading all that:

“Purchase Protection also does not cover items that you purchase in person, or money you send to friends and family.”

My protection is not for sale that cheap.  I don’t play when it comes to money, even yo-yo money.  ;)  Also, while Paypal is not perfect, some protection is a lot better than none at all.


Thank you, THANK YOU! im glad that I’m not the only one who realizes this. And I’m glad that you posted on here about it. I’ve run Into so many problems with this exact thing on the bst and the seller always fails to understand, they are the ones choosing to use PayPal for the transaction, so therefore, they should pay the fees, just like how you stated how yye has to do it.

I really hope everyone comes across this thread and reads your post so things In the bst can be set straight. :slight_smile: