How to use BST

I didn’t think this should be in BST considering BST is not BST questions. But anyways, I’m new to the BST and there are a few questions I have.

PayPal: how does it work? Do I receive a message on PayPal or something saying how much I owe(you owe ect).

How does it work when selling?
How does it work when buying?

Just a link to a topic or just answer the questions is fine.

this should help you.

It should be connected to your bank, when transferring funds, buying or selling. When someone sends you money you can either keep it in your pay pal account or transfer the funds to your bank. Keep in mind, when someone sends you money as if they are buying something, PayPal will take a percentage of your sale price. It’s best if the buyer or you chooses the gift option so the seller can get the full amount.

Anyways, I also have a bst question.
Why do people post things they don’t wanna sell. For example, they don’t wanna let this so and so yoyo go, but if they get a good offer, maybe they will reconsider.

This is how I use paypal, WITHOUT A BANK ACCOUNT… (you can complicate this by adding in Paypal Credit:Smart Connect, but I’m not gonna get into it)

I go to Walmart, CVS, Grocery Store, whatever, they have these things called Green Dot MoneyPaks. They are like these little card things with a number on the back under a scratch off metallic label. You take it to the cashier, tell them how much you want on it and pay a $4.95 fee for the MoneyPak. I usually do several hundred dollars at a time, but the minimum you can get is $20, so you’d pay $20+4.95.

Then you go home, sign into paypal. Click “Add Funds”. It then asks you to enter in the code under the scratch off metallic label on the MoneyPak. After that, it deposits the money into your PayPal account. Then you can send it to whoever you want or buy stuff off websites and shops such as YoyoExpert!

Again, that is if you don’t have a bank account.

Also, to use paypal is VERY simple.

When you buy stuff off websites, like YYE, you checkout and it says something along the lines of “Pay with Paypal?”, because PayPal is the standard now. It’s all pretty straight forward, you click the button, login to your account, click Next, Review, Send Funds. Done.

Or if you’re doing business on the BST, you login to PayPal click “Send Funds” and enter the other persons e-mail account and the amount you want to send. Click send. Done.

PayPal is so easy that you could figure it out first try without have reading any of what I just wrote.

They’re just hoping that maybe somebody is going to throw a case of YYR at them for their yoyo, or pay an amount of money that is strongly in their favor.

It’s not best to do this. It invalidates any and all protection either the buyer or seller would have had through paypal, which is the greatest advantage to using paypal in the first place. It just takes the fee from the buyer rather than the seller anyway, so nothing is gained.

It’s also dishonest. A buyer/seller should never be asked to lie to paypal, customs, or any other agency about the details of a transaction.


I pm’d u, man. There should be some answers in your message box! :wink:

Yes, I understand that from a business point of view, but as in the yoyo community I’d like to trust my fellow throwers. It’s like sending cash or money order if you had not used Paypal. I wouldn’t deal like this on eBay or Craig’s list though.

Well, I don’t really understand what motive you’d have to put yourself at risk, but it really doesn’t matter anyway. If you send me a gift as payment, all that happens is that you pay the 3.4% rather than it being deducted from me. You might as well have just sent a regular payment and included 3.4% more than the selling price and kept your buyer protection.

…although what really should happen is that the seller should consider the paypal fees in their price. It’s not cool to ask buyers to cover that on top of an agreed price.

^ 100% agreed, just never send as a gift no matter how trustworthy someone may seem. There is no benefit to the buyer.

How use BST:

Dun use BST

Thanks everyone!