Thoughts on YYJ Cerberus

Was wondering how it plays and if it is worth the 40 to 50 dollar price tag.

I thought it looked a lot like the DM2. Never played it but have heard some good things about it.

Very smooth, big, and stable. Not a super fast player. It has high walls for good string rejection and easy tilt correction. It’s all catch zone, but with just enough rounded edge to keep it comfortable. The silicone pads are flush with the walls, so when you want it to bind it binds, no questions asked. Its gap feels relatively narrow due to the flush pads. The IRG is functional, but the yo-yo slows down very quickly. The metal ring to plastic transition on mine is absolutely seamless.

Definitely worth the price, at least as much as comparably priced YYJ’s.

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can it handle multiple string layers?

Sure. However, if the layers start rubbing against each other and winding around the bearing during sloppy play (or with old string) it may snag easier because of the flush response. This is kind of what I meant about the gap feeling narrower than others. You just have to play a little crisper for multiple string layers. The upside is great binds!

This yo-yo showed me that I needed to do over-under boingy more cleanly than I was, and now I do!