The YYF MVP: P. Kerbel Edition

Apologies for using Stock Pics, but the Cam’s in the shop.

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Style String Trick (1A, 3A, 5A)
Weight 67. g/ 2.36 oz.
Diameter 56.39 mm/ 2.22 in.
Width 40.25 mm/ 1.58 in.
Gap Width 4.93 mm/ .19 in.
Gap Type Fixed
Trapeze Width 28 mm/ 1.10 in.
Body Shape Flat Rim Stepped H
Bearing Size Size C (Large) .250 x .500 x .187 in Spec Bearing
Response YYF K-Pad large slim 19OD / YYJ Silicon Pad
Maintenance Pad/Sticker/O-Ring Change Required
Bind Bind Required
Surface Finish None
Body Material Aluminum
Series YYF Premium Series
Signature Paul Kerbel
Designed In USA
Made In USA

** Current YoyoExpert Price $124.99 ** (Sep 2011).

Appearance: It’s a chunky yoyo, almost crude in design. It has no curviness to it at all. It’s right angles on the top, side and inner rim. I dare say, that if you were to machine this, I think it’d be one of the easiest to produce and or copy. Aesthetically, I feel it is one of those looks you either love or you don’t. As for me, well I’m still on the fence about it. I have the purplish one with silver splash and I have to say that the splash finish on the purple and silver one is really impressive. The silver splash is actually the raw aluminum shining through. It looks really, really awesome in the sun light. Couple this with the Olive Branch Champions’ Wreath on the outer rims and the thing looks royal! Almost, too royal to even play with hehe. A nice touch indeed.

Play/ Feel: The feel of this yoyo is not very comfortable in the hand. It’s really really rigid feeling. But it does not hurt on returns which is a good thing. There is no surface finish that I can feel of any kind except for the splash paint. I would have liked some kind of grindable surface but…

The Play on this model is really really superb for the most advanced tricks. I feel it is one of YYF’s premier Spinners. It is a very streamlined momentum powerhouse. I think it might even beat the Superstar to be honest. It has major major rim weight so it’s really no wonder. It is very very smooth on the string and has very very good balance. It does a great job staying in its’ position from beginning to end, which is nice.

The yoyo has an excellent catch zone. It’s hard to miss anything with this throw. It has very precise behavior and just feels precise in your hands. Very tech feeling. It has a super wide gap that can handle your best load of string layers. And thanks to it’s low wall gap, there is no string drag. It is faster than I initially thought too. Very hoppy and has great float. You’ll be able to do serious battle and lay waste with this in your hands. And above all, it just spins and spins and spins! As I’ve said before “Who does not want a long spinning yoyo??” There always seems to be spin left over too with this one (no kidding).

My only complaint about it is the lack of a grindable finish. I like to grind so this one makes it difficult to do finger, palm and arm grinds. You’ll need yoyo gloves to get some kind of finger or palm grinding action. It does great IRG’s though (but you could have guessed that just by looking at its side) so at least there’s that. But For $125 bucks it should have a suitable finish on it. Don’t you agree???

Conclusion: This yoyo rocks for all string trick styles. I consider it to be one of YYF’s best spinners. The only thing about it is, whether you’ll like its feel or not. I mean it’s a stiff feeling yoyo all the time. And it’s a poor grinder. In fact, I still have some mixed feelings about it just because of that. But if you can get past this or don’t even care, then you’ll have an impressive, awesome, jaw dropping good looking (if you like splashes), high performance and lengthy spinner to play with!!

Once again, great review Red! Remember how I called you a psychic? Check this out: I was planning on getting this, but needed a review. I also am finishing off a deal for a Quark, and I search for a review. Guess what comes up? Yours! Amazing!

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Good review man. :slight_smile:

Man I want to try one of those but they’re way out of my price range. ;D

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Thanks Big Cat! I love the Quark, it’s one of my favorite undersized throws. Have a good one!

Thanks for stopping by Trace. I do feel the price is a rather high on this one but it’s a signature and can be regarded as a collector’s piece too OR… maybe because of the splash hehe Have a good one!