JK Review.


Please note I haven’t proof read due to needing to sleep (Got to wake up early.) so excuse any typos as I’m sure there are many.

Hope you find this helpful. ;D

The Specs…

Diameter: 49.98mm

Width: 38.34mm

Gap: 4.51mm

Weight: 64g

Bearing: “C”


The Feel…

It feels small in the hand. It’s not too small it’s just smaller then most of my other yoyos (except for the Hectic.). The finish is nice you can tell YoYoFactory satined it then anodized it. It may not be the best for grinds but I really enjoy the feel of it. It’s not the best when it comes to comfort because of the narrow rims and the width doesn’t leave much room for your pointer and ring finger to lay. The diameter is the kind that I like it’s almost the same (.06mm off.) as the DV888 I enjoy having my fingers curl a good bit over it but my fingers aren’t touching my hand. So yeah over all I like the feel of the yoyo just not the most comfortable.

The Play…

The play is really fun. I enjoy the kind of play this yoyo has it’s zippy and lite weight. The yoyo is small so I feel like I have a lot of control over it and where it goes. I like to do more tech tricks with this since I feel like I can be more precise about it’s placement. Now let’s get the Cons over with the rim weight is not fantastic it’s quite low so the stability is not the best but if you are a skilled player that shouldn’t be a big issue. The yoyo on grinds is fine unless were talking ING when it comes to those I have to make careful adjustments of the yoyo to get that thing on my darn thumb. The width I found not to be a problem because it may be a bit thin but if the string hits anywhere on the yoyo (excluding the sides of the yoyo. =P) it’s going to slide into the gap. So over all the play is zippy and quite fun. C=

Other notes…

This is one of the only YoYoFactory (Metal bearing seats.) yoyos that the bearing doesn’t stick and that’s most likely because it was formally an Aoda.

When I had this yoyo at first I found binds to be slippy but after taking the pads out and adding some RTV silicone it has great binds.

Also note that the JK does not take you standard YoYoFactory axle.

The Verdict…

The JK is a fun yoyo. If you’re like me you don’t really think about when buying a yoyo “Is this going to be a competition winning yoyo.”. When I buy a yoyo I look for a yoyo that is different then my others and one that is unresponsive. and that’s what I got a fun and unique yoyo. If you are looking for something that you intend of competing with this is not the yoyo you’re looking for but if you are looking for another yoyo that you want to have fun with this is a great choice. The price is about the best you’re going to get when we’re talking full metal. I’d say it’s also not a bad choice for beginners seeing as how the price is low and it’s not a bad yoyo by any means but if you’re just starting out you may want a yoyo with more rim weight to it.


Nice review Trace. You made a good point about how a skilled player would view and experience it vs a beginner. But again as we’ve said, the price makes it a rocket ride for any beginner to experience total unresponsive full metal performance. I do hope YYF moves more weight out to the rims on the next run though. (Hint Hint YYF!)



Yeah with a little more rim weight this thing would be amazing.


Congratulations. You just convinced me to buy one of these in my next order.


Cool. ;D

Hope you like it. C=


Great review.


After all the bad JK reviews lately, this one is amazing. Besides Red’, this is the first one to go into detail, rather than saying,“It’s good.” I applaude you. Good job, Trace! :slight_smile:


Aw thanks you guys. :smiley:


Great review!


I didn’t think I would like the JK at all. Not a big fan of the shape, but I really do like it!


It is a really fun throw. C=


I have a jk and,I agree it’s a nice yoyo


Finally a great review about the jk, you are a great reviewer and am going to a jk soon!!


Aw thanks you guys. C=