Small bearing Hectic.

The Specifications…



Gap Width:4.26mm

Bearing Size:“A”

Weight:65 Grams


The Feel…

It’s small… It’s quite small, smaller than you’d expect but it’s nice a size and it is flat at the ends. So it’s comfortable but not as much a most yoyos, it felt strange in my hand at first and I was not quite sure how to properly hold/throw it but after how long I’ve had it, it seems natural. One thing I really love about the feel of it is the solid feel to it I don’t like when a yoyo feels hallow and can’t take much abuse.

The Play…

It’s hard to play at first if you’re use to a wide yoyo but it will make you better when it comes to landing tricks. The thing that I love best about this thing is the speed. The speed of this thing is sick I can do tricks almost twice as fast if I really have them down. It has to do with how aerodynamic it is and the weight of it. It’s got a nice smooth coat on it like all metal YoYoFactory yoyos. And the grinds are okay it’s not the best for thumb grinds but you can do them.

The Verdict…

I think that it’s a sweet undersized yoyo. It fits in my pocket, it’s fast, comfortable, and it’s durable (As you can clearly tell from my photos it’s been through a lot but only has some vibe). My thoughts are if you want one make sure you know what you’re getting in to, it is an undersized yoyo (they aren’t really the best for beginners) but if you know that and can bind (You really need to have a grasp on binds for this one due to the schmoove rings on the “A” size bearing one) it’s great. If the price tag is too big but you want a undersized metal yoyo I would recommend looking a the POPstar which is basically an even smaller Hectic.

I have a question about the bearing. What is the difference in play between size A bearing and size C bearing?

This should help.,26939.0.html