YYJ Vibe?

I have heard the term YYJ vibe tossed around a bit. I inferred that obviously some YYJ yoyos have vibe. But, both of my YYJ yoyos, the DM and Mini Mo-Tu have absolutely no vibe. So, are yoyos just special or is YYJ vibe just not true?

Some people say most YYJ’s have it, but I personally have never experienced it.

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In my experience, I have only noticed a little vibe on their plastics, my Dark Magic and Mini-Motu have no vibe, and the vibe on their plastics aren’t very annoying, so not really a problem with me.

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In my experience, the Hybrid response systems cause some vibe on the string, but none in the yoyo itself. (This is because of the starburst hitting the string over and over and over again). I’m not sure if this is the “YoYoJam Vibe” that people talk about, but in my opinion, that’s it.


Yeah, that’s what I think too. Because all the starburst Yoyojam yoyos, have a tiny little bit of vibe, if you look at a dual O-Ring Yoyojam, less vibe, or if you hit it hard, maybe it would cause a little vibe, like what happens with Crucial yoyos some times.

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My DM and Speeder have no vibe at all without the caps, but when I put in the caps i get a little vibe.

Every YYJ I have played has been silky smooth on the string, but a small vibration on grinds. I remember mrcnja said it was because of the coating on YYJ’s axles. If you replace the axle with a
6 x 32 1/2 inch long set screw, your YYJ should be dead smooth. If not, then you have to live with it (which isn’t bad at all :3)

even with these so called YYJ vibe, their yoyo is still great, it didn’t affect play after all.

my x-convict and speed maker had minor vibe, but i still love them. . .

All YYJ’s I have owned have had very little, if any vibe.
I think that the whole YYJ vibe thing is a little overdone…

YES!.. they vibe in your first throw!

But use your YYJ a little longer… they’ll stop vibing!

Personal experience with Legacy!.. Cool Stuff!

Well put :smiley: Honestly, it’s no big deal unless something is dramatically affecting your play so to say, unless it was a dead bearing or the metal separating from the plastic. Then we have a prob haha.

My hitman had no vibe when it came from the box. My meteor seems to keep getting smoother some how. lol.

Same, I still love all my YYJ’s no matter how much vibe they have :slight_smile: