thoughts on valve/possible others focussing on linux anyone?

Any opinions here about how influential valve’s decision here will be?

(for those who don’t know about this but are curious, here’s a couple links I found real quick for you. Basically Valve hates how closed they view W8 to be, as compared to earlier versions, and others have backed them up on this. They’ve starting porting L4D2 and steam to ubuntu compatible distros.)

I can only hope this will drive others to both develop for and use linux, as I personally love using it.

If W8 turns out to be as horrible as it looks, there’s a chance that NVidia and ATI start being more supportive of the platform. When that happens, you will see a lot of devs getting into Linux. I’m not sure how ATI stand on this, but I do believe that NVidia is a hassle to deal with when it comes to Linux. They are very aggressive when it comes to getting their cards into Android phones, but they are also terrible at delivering the support for the platform.

I have two computers: one desktop that I use for games and a laptop that I use as a musical workstation. The problem with Linux is that I simply can’t get myself to use it again since Pro Tools and Sibelius won’t work, and neither will games.

I do install a Linux distro on every piece of old harware though. The only piece of non-outdated harware I have with Linux on it is my phone.