Visual Studio 2013

Anybody excited for the new visual studio?

Nope. I work in VS2010. My understanding is VS2013 is for Win8 only. I work in Win7 only. Thus, not excited.

On the other hand, I love resharper.

I could care less. What, they made it Windows 8 compatible? Because Windows 8 is soooo great…

I can’t decide which I like more…windows 8, windows ME, or migraines…probably migraines but both OSes cause them and are about as useful as a migraine. Fact. :wink:


I’d probably switch entirely over to Ubuntu if I wasn’t a gamer. I’ve been using it for two days, and unlike Windows, it actually makes sense.

I’d switch back to the Mac if my life wasn’t so deeply entwined in proprietary windows software and .net development. :frowning:

I’m sure you know this, but for those that might not you can do as I do and run windows on Mac either emulated or multi-booting. In fact, Windows 7 runs better on my Macbook Pro than it does on my PC.

I’m not currently developing software with visual studio, but have in the past. 2007 was the last iteration I used.

I realize this. My understanding is Win7 doesn’t handle the retna display particularly well. Also, I would only ever be booting into windows. I would never be using emulation. My last 10 computers were all macs. Now I live with a lenovo X1-C and just wish I could go back.

Actually, I use it in Win7. I use VS express, so no extensions sadly.

I wish most games were compatible with non Windows OS…

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I know right? Valve seems to think gaming will go Linux, so we should keep our fingers crossed. Hopefully that Steam OS will help too.

Valve is going to release a console that runs on *nix, so that is definitely a step in the right direction.

Yeah, Windows 7 is okay, could be better, but with the direction Microsoft is going with Windows 8, it is a good thing Linux is starting to become more than an obscure operating system only a few people use.