Mac vs PC - the final showdown...

For anyone who cares and has an opinion, ( especially those with experience on both) pick a side and have a reason, not just the normal advertising banter

I make money on both. Don’t care which way I go.

I’m on a MacBook Pro, running Bootcamp. So, I’m native booted to Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit at the moment.

Mac: I run ProTools. Making money doing audio editing
PC: I usually run my video editing(Sony Vegas Pro 10.0e) and Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended, as well as 3 lighting software packages and a video slave package. Even running ProTools, booting native as a Mac, the Mac version runs more efficiently.

On PC, I also do a lot of my data comm work.

My mail server is a Mac. I may be consolidating my Linux web server and current mail server to a Mac Mini.

Ableton live seems to work better as a Mac. At least the lite version that came with my Launchpad on the same hardware(no Parallels or Virtual PC, I do the native boot thing with Bootcamp)

I like my Macbook Pro better than any other laptop I’ve had, and since it works both ways, it’s literally 2 machines in one. PITA to change the hard drive but I’ve upgrade this one no problem. RAM upgrades were really easy.

Been using Macs since 1986, PC’s since 1978. Linux since maybe 1996(But my Linux skills are lacking yet I can do what I want for the most part).

We’re a long ways from a final showdown. BOTH have their benefits and shortcomings. I need to work in an environment where I don’t have to deal with that sort of stuff. I work with Macs from the Mac SE and up to latest OS and hardware. With PC’s, I had to cut off at Pentium processors, but I do have a 486 processor direct card I can slam into my favored Mac Quadra 650 if I gotta go old-school Windows 3.1.

This could get ugly… :-X

Mac G Series = PC

New iMac Series < PC

The Mac G Series and PCs can be modified and upgraded to achieve better performance. iMacs are all-in-one(no tower), so you can’t really change anything (better graphics card, upgrade RAM, etc.).
Heck, I wouldn’t even know how to get one open if I had to.

That’s my point of view.

This thread will probably not result in anything that hasn’t been said before. It’s not beating the dead horse. More like dismembering a horse, reassembling it, then kill it again and make sausages out of it.

then having a zombie horse sausage black market

Which would get chemically altered turning everyone who consumes them turn into zombie horses who crave the taste of national monuments.

Who take in those who don’t have THE MARK


Well, the point was to hear some logical thinking from different pouts of view, not hearing people regurgitate commercials…

And at least with the old MacBook and prolly the MacBook pro and Mac mini I would be able to go in and upgrade ram and hard drives… And graphics ( idk much about graphics tho)

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Once again, the pony people are spamming…