IE 10 on Win7??

Anyone using IE 10 on Windows 7?

Curious if it’s worth the effort. Experience on a Win8/touch screen doesn’t count.

It upgraded itself. It’s there. Windows 7 64-bit ultimate.

I still use Firefox.

Only if you have the upgrades set to be done automatically. I don’t/won’t allow that.

And yes, FF is my main browser.
And windows is my secondary OS.

I haven’t touched IE in ages.

If you’re an IE user, it’s worth it. If you never open IE, there’s no point. I use Chrome and Firefox about the same amount, but I need to be up on all versions of IE from 8 onwards. IE 10 opens up more APIs than you might realize as an end-user; at first this won’t mean much, but as more people start saying “IE 10 has the APIs now… not going to bother tailoring for IE9 and below” you may find yourself missing out on features in an app unless you upgrade.

Plus we web developers appreciate when the IE10 adoption statistics go up and the other IE versions go down… brings us tiny steps at a time closer to not having to develop a separate application for IE9-. :wink:

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I rarely use it, as I’m on windows a minimal amount. I have FF set as my default but some applications seem to open IE as the default browser regardless. I’ll skip it for now and just ignore the reminders that I still have one important update remaining in the queue. Thanks.

My brief Win 7 IE 10 experience is that it’s slightly less clunky than 9, it seems (on a clean install) to be using up less juice than IE 9. This is important for me, but unfortunately it still isn’t compact enough for me to be using it on a regular basis. I routinely try new browsers / upgrades, but I typically always default back to Opera and/or Midori if things are really getting tight.

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Just found this while researching another update (KB2670838 ) that can cause problems with a lot of things. It’s a platform update dealing primarily with Direct2D, DirectWrite, Direct3D, Windows Imaging Component (WIC).

Think I’ll just skip the whole thing.