Hi. I thought it might be fun to start a thread for anyone who wants to talk about geek/tech stuff.

My main interests are new technology (Yoyo or not Yoyo related), online privacy and security, media manipulation tactics, Mac tech stuff (I can turn one inside out - excluding the new glued together mb pros, and I haven’t dived much into getting inside the opaque iOS, yet - though it’s very interesting to me), new web dev stuff, mopeds, and pretty much anything that includes solve for X.

My main disinterests are politics and environmental issues.

GO (insert political campaigner here)! HE/SHE’ll help clean up our ecosystem!


I freaked out. I want this so badly. Even Gabe Newell is backing this.

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I enjoy messing with Linux though I’m no coding wiz. I currently use Linux Mint 11 MATE but I plan on going to 13 Cinnamon when I finish building my rig.

That looks awesome, but I think it would probably cause me too much eye strain…

I REALLY REALLY want one of those. I’ve been following it for awhile now.

Why? You’re eyes are only able to look at the screens inside it the entire time; I believe most eye strain is from looking back and forth between things.

Also I’m about to do something like this:


Cool. I’m glad some people were interested in posting here.
Last few days I’ve been diving into most of the cs6 suite. Just the things I use regularly. Photoshop, dreamweaver (both for visual and when I’m coding - I find the code view to be better than other editors I’ve used), illustrator, and even opened fireworks because it was there. Though it still seems like a redundant piece of software.

@Sniffyo on twitter

@Sniffyo on twitter