Thoughts on the rapid light?

I’ve been wanting to get in to 5a for a while, and since the Rapid is used by Jake Elliot I assume the rapid light would be just as good. Now I know your gonna say any yoyo will work for 5a but I was gonna buy a yoyo anyway. So should I get a rapid light or something else my maximum price is 100$ but I would prefer something around 85$.

Looks really promising. I’d also look into the Torque, which is hands down one of my favorite yoyos (and I own tons of high-ends).

Also, the benchmarks might be a good choice with the side effects system, since you’re bound to drop the yoyo a bunch in 5a and possibly (after a verrry hard fall(s) ) damage the axle.

I’d research the turning point shake, looks pretty great, and designed for 5a and 1a. And its only 85$

In my experience a bit heavier yoyos work better for 5A, so i´d guess the light might be a little less fit for 5A? might just be my preference though :smiley:

The ‘light’ in rapid light actually just refers to the lack of weight rings. The weight of the yoyo is only 0.1g less than the Rapid. I of course fully recommend the Rapid Light, but I’m excessivly biased, so don’t listen to a word I say :wink:

One of the best budget metals