Thoughts on the new OD Benchmark Series

What are your thoughts on the new OD Benchmark Series? What’s your favorite version? ??? ??? ???

I’m really not a fan
Sure they play great but they bore me with their boring shapes and lackluster color ways.
Theyt just seem generic with their middle of the road specs, They are perfect as a first metal so people can figure out their preferences but not a yoyo I would play with all of the time.

I just got a Purple V. I’m really liking it. I’ve got several other OneDrop’s. I’ve been playing it a lot since getting it last week. It’s on par, play wise, with all the other OneDrop’s

I got an O shape, and it plays just like every other OD that i have…great :slight_smile: Since im fairly minimalist and i dont like flashy things to much, the benchmark really fits me well. Plays great, nice and simple.

Did you see the blue with yellow splash? It’s amazing dude.