Benchmark Series

Been really curious about the benchmarks. Anybody have them? How do they play? And in comparison to eachother?

I have the “O” and have played all three. I absolutely LOVE it… It plays as good as ANY 100+ dollar One Drop… I liked the “V” as well but at the time I could only buy one and just fell in love with the “O”. In the next run I will pick up a purple “V”. The “H” was no slouch as well…

One Drop has put together the best “bang for your buck” in the industry with these Benchmarks… They are sooooooo good…

Yeah I’m trying to pick just one to get! But I can’t decide between the v or the h or the chik!

clear ano O im comin for you

I was fortunate enough to be able to grab all three of them. I have learned that because they all have the same specs, you really get to feel and observe the difference just the change of shape makes. I love the way One Drop set it up like that so you can really qualify what it is you like about a particular shape.

I agree with mgiroux77 in that they play as well as YoYo’s costing over $100.00. The three I have are all quite smooth, and they all play very nicely. The weight they decided on was perfect for this platform.

I think One Drop has once again produced a great product. They have had an incredible year. !!

How do they compare with each other? Speed? Stability?

I will need more time with my three, I have a purple O, clear H, and orange V. So far I am impressed with all three and leaning to towards the O and the V. Nothing against the H just one of those things of when you are ranking multiple objects, one has to come out last unless you chump out and say “three way tie”. LOL

Hahaha yeah true. Let me know what u find :slight_smile:

I put Legos in my o cuz I thought it played heavier then the other two. Iike them all a lot.

Anyone know when the new run is releasing …?

I really want to get all three clear…
But I’m not getting paid till next Friday

How does the V compare to the Chik?

Comparing a Toyota to a Porsche…

not really.

Could you give us your opinion? I was also wondering the same because i do have my eye on a CHIK! and as well at a V Shaped Benchmark.

I sadly haven’t had the opportunity to play any of the Benchmark series. Although I have played with the Chik for a while an it was a great yoyo. Not really my style of play though. The reason I said not really was that both are relatively cheaper side effect enabled yoyos made by the same company so they are actually pretty well compared.

Well, out of the box and have not a chance to play much with them and so far the H is my favorite. for some reason I thought the H would the least but it is proving me wrong right now; need to play them more before I can make a final verdict.

It is amazing how even tho they share the same spec how different they feel.