Benchmark H or V?

Hey everyone,
Im looking into getting a benchmark but cant decide between an H or V,
Can you guys compare the two?

I have a supernova, genesis, puffin 2, wm2, summit, and shutter.

Having owned all 3 i liked the v the least and it was a tossup between the h and o depending on if i wanted a faster or more chilled out throw. I feel like the h is almost the same at the original superstar, alot of other yoyos i have had look almost identical to the h.

If i were to get one avain i would actually go for the o. I like the extremes of the diffs of h and o, v wasnt much of a change for me.

Just my opinion thiugh :slight_smile:

I recently received all 3 shapes (thanks One Drop!) and even though I’m an organic fan most of the time, I find myself grabbing the V more and more. It’s perfectly stable and spins long enough for me to do anything in my repitoir twice over with plenty left over. I used the V all day yesterday and today, and it’s really become my go-to throw. That’s not to say the H isn’t good, just the V is better.

One thing that amazes me about the Benchmarks is that the 3 shapes feel totally different weight-wise, even though they’re identical weights. The V feels far heavier in the hand than the O, but it’s not.

I can agree with this pretty much. I love the organic, but the V shape is my favorite, and it is the throw I carry with me if I only bring one of my benchmarks. The V is stable, handles horizontal well, and on top of that it just feels right in my hand.
I cannot say the same about the H specifically because it is heavy, and but it plays with a bit of float which is an odd combination for me. On top of that I have figured out I am not a large fan of H shapes, specifically because they have more edges on them, and they don’t feel near as good when coming back to your hand on a bind.

Any other suggestions?

i feel like my o is just a bigger dv888, so if you love the dv888, you’ll love the o even more. But my favorite is the h, just because I love my code 1. I think you would like the v with the yoyo’s you have though… It’s all your choice though!

I’ve only played the O and H. But I also owned a format:C which is a lot like the V. I would actually take the Benchmark H over the format:C if that means anything…

(but I’d take the O over both. :wink: )

Comparing the O to the dv888. That is just crazy.

I have a couple organics and Im not to crazy about them. But so far in the voting its tied 50/50 for H and V.

Gah! I cant decide.

I’m again looking at the one drop page. How does the rally compare to the benchmarks?
It’s much cheaper so I figured is throw it into the mix.