One Drop Benchmark Series 2014: A High Speed YoYo Review

Last year One Drop came out with the first Benchmark Series of yo-yos, a design study in how shape alone affected the feel of the yo-yo during play. All three had the exact same specs but came out, at the time, in V-Shaped, Organic Shaped, and H-Shaped designs. This year they have come out with a new line of Benchmarks, called the Benchmark Series 2014. This new series has an updated set of specs based on tweaks made after a year’s worth of play and feedback. That alone warrants a new line, but if you are one to look at the photos from my reviews first you will have already noticed a FOURTH model in this year’s Benchmark Series. One Drop has gone on record to say that last year’s V-Shape was more of a Wing design so they renamed it as such and introduced a pure V-Shape design. It will be interesting to see how this newer series stacks up. I am also curious if, unlike last year, I will be able to pick one as a definitive best in series.

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Have you checked out the 7075 summit? If so what are your thoughts on it?

I have one, it up for review soon. It is not your daddy’s Summit and it is not just a GZR Summit. It is crazy in all the right ways.

thanks for the review! panning on buying one of these when the come out! its either a V, W, or an O which one do you like the best though because i kinda tied between all 3…

For me it is the V, hands down. I have been waiting patiently for One Drop to do a pure V and my wait has been rewarded. Keep in mind, tastes may vary so you may want something else.


that’s fine by me i generally do like a good V shape too so i think that’s what i will go for.

Which 2014 benchmark is the most stable?

the H shape there designed for being stable

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Another great review!

I agree