One Drop Yo-Yos Benchmark Series 2014

We started the Benchmark Series in 2013. Our goal was to provide high-value Side Effect yo-yos that were our take on the standard shapes/ideas for that year. Three different shapes were released that all shared the same width, diameter and weight.

2014 is coming to a close and the new Benchmarks Series will be releasing.

The basic idea is the same, but we feel we have pushed the envelope even further in a few ways.

*This year there will be four shapes all sharing the same width, diameter and weight: W, H, O ,V(left to right in photo).

*They all feature a variation of the “Drop Step” weight distribution seen on the Cascade and Summit.

*The width is 1mm bigger.

*The diameter is 1mm smaller.

*The shipping weight is 1 gram lighter.

*They all come with a new Side Effect: Flat Caps, which weigh in at 3.3 grams.

In general the play characteristic could be described as faster than the 2013 models. Even though they might look similar from a profile view, the weight distributions are much different and they play a lot different. These aren’t meant to replace the 2013 models.

We admit that what we called the “V” in 2013 could have probably been more accurately described as a Wing shape. This year we have added a true “V” shape and are calling the shape similar to the 2013 “V” the “W” for Wing. Hope that isn’t too confusing :slight_smile: (2013 model names will not be changing).

We have found ways to make these even more efficiently (with no sacrifice to quality) so the starting price for solids will be $58!

More value, more choices, more fun.


Base Weight: 62 grams
Shipping Weight: 65.30 grams (with aluminium Flat Cap Side Effects)
Width: 43 mm
Diameter: 55 mm
Stock Response: Flow Groove
Gap Width: 4.32 mm
Bearing Size: Large © stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
Finish: Pyramatte ™
Axle System: Side Effect ™

Coming to YoYoExpert on Novemeber 28th, 2014.


DANG! Those are sexy, especially that new V shape! ;D

nooooo was hoping for inverse round

Inverse round?! What does that look like?

You know… if you want someone to have some of these to show off at PA States this weekend, feel free to ship me a set. I’ll be sure to share with everyone… To get them here in time, you’d probably have to express them, but still.

So I want the W, the H, the O…and the V. Haha. Seriously though, these look great. I think the W shape will be a great seller for you guys. OneDrop always has great throws releasing. Now to go ask for a raise. Hahaha.

OD, those are awesome! You guys are always on top of the game and really know how to cater to all us yoyo enthusiasts! I can’t wait til these release. The new side effects look really cool and go along great with the new benchmark lineup! :slight_smile:

Because it says that these aren’t meant to replace the 2013 models, does this mean that the 2013 models will still be in production? It would be cool to compare the similar shape Benchmarks from 2013 and 2014 with each other.

Question now:

Should I get one or two of these or should I get the O from the 2013 to complete the 2013 set?

Yes :slight_smile: As long as the continue to sell we will make them. I think they are different enough to warrant this. As well they compliment each other - it’s all part of the same experiment.

Oooh I’m loving the look of that W, O, and V shape I can’t these all look so amazing now plus those SEs look awesome!

The W name doesn’t make much sense to me? Wouldn’t all of them be wing shapes? Stepped is better imo.

I Love These YoYo’s :smiley:
It will be great to see how the new ones play with respect to the current design.

This is my “Stealth Trio”…and they get one heck of a lot of play.
I’ve certainly got my $60.00 worth of throwing out of these already. :wink:

Recommended this to a newcomer friend of mine. Spreading the onedrop love ;D

The images and specs look great, and I’m really digging the look of those new SEs. $58 is crazy cheap!

I am thinking now about getting either a V or and H but I can’t decide on which. They both look so good.

One Drop got the memo about light weight being popular apparently. They’ve been nailing the specs on all of their releases lately. 7075 Summit, Gradient, MMC, 2014 Benchmarks, just perfect. What great releases. Might have to officially become an OD fanboy again. Dem side effects are great too. Will grab an H and a V once some splashes drop!

How different do the H and V feel? They look really similar and I guess I’m curious because of how the previous H seemed like a more “classic” H shape, instead of being so similar to the V. Don’t get me wrong, these all look nice based on shapes and specs, and I really like the look of the flat SE, but I’m just curious about this.

V looks sooooooooo sick!!!

Really different. The V is faster and more agile. The H seems to be more stable and solid. Both are really good.